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IB Learner: Knowledgeable

No description

Jason Jeong

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of IB Learner: Knowledgeable

The IB Learner Profile represents the mission statement in action. The IB Learner Profile provides a long-term vision of education. The qualities in an IB Learner Profile prepare IB students to make exceptional contributions on campus.
IB Learner Profile: Knowledgeable
What is the IB Learner Profile?
IB Profile Trait:
Examples of being Knowledgeable
Being knowledgeable is to seek advice and adjust the project to meet various global issues:
IB Learner Profile:

IB Learner Profile
Being knowledgeable means to explore concepts, ideas, or problems that have local or global significance. By doing this, the student is able to gain in depth knowledge and develop understandings across a broad and balanced range of disciplines.
- Safe Water
- Global Warming
- Pollution
- Animal Conservation
- War
- Economics
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