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Red-A character analysis.

No description

Jack Gurren

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Red-A character analysis.

Red-A character analysis.
The character I have chosen from the novella I have studied
“Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption”
by Stephen King is Red. Red is a character that has been
to the prison’s surroundings and to the prison’s system. During the text Red undergoes a change in his view of life after becoming compatriots with Andy Dufresne, another central character in this piece.
Red portrayed by Morgan Freeman in the film adaptation of the novella.
The black market. (Luke)
money inside prison. He does it because he
“has a reputation and wants to keep it.”
Moreover Red may also do it because it gives him a sense of normality of life on the outside world and it makes him feel useful to society.Red has an active conscience and this is evident as he states that he will get anything for anyone
“except guns and heavy drugs.”
This shows that Red doesn’t want to be part of anyone
“killing himself or anyone else”
as Red has
“enough killing on his mind to last him a lifetime.”
Red is not worried about being caught for dealing items on the black market as the guards inside the prison are corrupt and know what is happening. For most non-harmful objects they are apathetic.
"Live and let live."
Even if they weren’t corrupt and were attempting to abolish the black market Red wouldn’t care as he
“has a seasons pass”
to Shawshank.

He had done a
"hideous crime but it is also in the past now."
He himself is not convinced as to whether or not he is rehabilitated, however he states that
"given a second chance I would not do it again"
which displays a degree of remorse. Perhaps due to the fact that he wasn't a significant entity in the outside world and was
"from the poor side of town"
, he may have wanted to obtain a high status in the prison which may be the reason why in prison he started smuggling in items for the inmates,
"There's a guy like me in every state and federal prison... I'm the guy who can get it for you".
Red didn't do this for financial reasons, he was motivated to provide this service so he could have a good
among the cons in Shawshank. Eventually, he earned himself a significant role in the prison. His time in Shawshank flew by, he started to see feel as if he had thrown away his life
"one day in 1958 I looked at myself in a small shaving mirror I kept in my cell and saw a forty year old man looking back at me,On that day I could see an old man inside"
Despite holding a high stature in the prison Red would
"hate to grow old in the stir"
.By this time everyone started to respect Red. They saw him as a
"self-educated man,a self-made man, a remarkable man".
Red was torn between being desperate to leave Shawhank and wanting to stay where he feels he is most relevant.
Red and Shawshank (Alex)
From my study of Red from the novella he comes across as a very strong and experienced character.He was taken to Shawshank prison at a very young age,after an accident involving his wife, his neighbour and her infant. As an honest man, he was
"one of the few people in our family to own up to what I did, I committed
A presentation by the "Bull
Queers"- Jack Gurren
Alex Gibbons
Luke Fogarty
Keenan Bates
Red- An institutional man.(Jack)
The aftermath of spending
"damn near forty years"
in Shawshank for Red wasn't positive. Living in the outside world after being enclosed in those four walls for such a long period of time was
"the toughest adjustment"
he'd ever endured.
Red is
"the guy who can get it for you"
inside Shawshank prison. He is the person who gets the cons what they long for from the outside world and what is illegal to have in Shawshank. Red
“doesn’t do it for the money”
as Red has no use for the
One of the principal relationships is between Red and Andy Dufresne.When the pair first meet,Red states
“he wasn’t a man to waste time being social;he got right to the point.”
He then states that
“you get awfully tired of the braggarts and the loud mouths.Yes,I think it would be fair to say I liked Andy from the first.”

Red states that during his time in prison he
"never really felt close to Andy"
however after Andy's escape Red says that Andy
"was the part of me which they could never lock up",
which displays how he never really knew how much Andy meant to him until he was gone. There

is little to no conflict between Red and Andy,which is impressive in a prison like Shawshank,and therefore,shows us why the novel is primarily based on this particular friendship.

Red's relationship with Andy (Keenan)
In the novel,we see that Red is titled
“the guy who can get it for you”.
It is therefore relevant for Red to have a positive relationship with his fellow inmates as he is operating a business inside the prison walls.
At the outset of his time in Shawshank, Red hated
"those four walls"
, however he eventually
"got to abide by them"
, and before he knew it, he became reliant on them.Red had foreseen how difficult his life would be. He said to Andy
"I couldn't get along on the outside. I'm what they call an institutional man now."
Red was correct. In prison, out of all the cons, he was
"one of those with some weight",
a contrast to his status in the
"straight world."
This sudden transition was extremely difficult to overcome.
Upon first leaving Shawshank on parole, Red didn't think he
"was going to make it on the outside at all."
He even began
"thinking about stealing"
in order to break his parole and return to where he felt he was a momentous entity.Moreover, once Red thought about the perseverance and commitment Andy had to escape prison he dropped the idea. Andy had given him hope. Hope that he could make it on the outside, and
"hope is a good thing...maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies."
Red's character developed vastly throughout the text. He may have felt morose and hopeless about the
"three life sentences"
he had to serve, however Andy's seemed to have filled him with the
"inner light"
he carried around with him. Andy influenced him to
"get busy living or get busy dying"
. This motivated Red to spend the rest of his life with Andy in
"a warm place with no memory,"
Zihautenejo. Soon after his parole, Red decided to get a bus to the border with the following aspirations;

"I hope Andy is down there.
I hope I can make it across the border.
I hope to see my friend and shake his hand.
I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams.

I hope.
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