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Tthe Remington gun

In this presentation I will tell you the parts and history of the Remington gun.

Travis Townes

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Tthe Remington gun

An original Remington 1100 This a stock for an 1100 Forearm of an 1100 This is the Remington 700 special combat sniper rifle. Many snipers in the Military use this weapon for its great accuracy and low recoil. It uses a wide variety of different caliber shells. This is the Remington 700 Hunting rifle.Remington is know for having all there weapons fit eveyones needs. This is the newest type of Hunting Rifle, the AR-15. This one of the thousand different types of the AR series. Almost every single gun producer in the world has a model simmilar to the Ar-15 This is the specialy made remington SP-10. Its synthetic body and lightweight materials make it ideal for Duck hunting to Turkey hunting. This is the remington model 597. All young hunters and shooter should own a .22 rifle. In my opinion this is the best .22 rifle ever made. That is my opinion because my older brother has had his model 597 for 6 years and never gave him a problem. This is the Remington Model R-15 VTR. It is used for varmit hunting and pleasure shooting. This is the Model 11-87 Sportsman Compact Synthetic. It is used for Duck Hunting and shooting trap and skeet. This is the Remington Model 87 TACTICAl Desert Recon. It was espically made for the war in Iraq. It does very well in close combat. This is one of the best trap guns ever. It is easy to clean water resistant and light , wich make it ideal for trap. It is the remington 1100 trap edition. This is the Pump Action Model 887. It is used for Turkey Hunting and Duck Hunting at a range. It takes 3.5 in. to 4.0 in. shell for long range bird hunting. This is the future sniper rifle for the military made by Remington. It has a variety of tree different caliber shells.It is light, accurate, and long range.
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