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Julius Caesar Ambition & Tyranny Quotes

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Andres Coli

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Julius Caesar Ambition & Tyranny Quotes

Julius Caesar Ambition & Tyranny Quotes
"The Gods are showing disapproval of cowardice. Caesar would be a beast without a heart if he stayed home today from fear. No, Caesar won't. Danger knows very well that Caesar is more dangerous than he is. We are like two lions born on the same day- I am the eldest of the two, and the most terrible. So Caesar shall go forth."
II,ii, lines 41-48
This is another quote that shows Caesars ambition. He shows that he has no fear and will not be stopped.
This connects to the story by showing what it is the conspirators wanted to stop and why they killed him.
In this quote we see that Brutus felt that the only reason he had to kill Julius was for the good of the people because if Julius was crowned then he could take over all of Rome.
This connects to tyranny because had he been crowned he would have abused his power and changed Rome into a dictatorship
"Cowards die many times before their deaths; brave men die only once. Of all the wonders that i have yet heard, it seems to me most strange that men should fear death, seeing that it is inescapable. It will come when it will come."
II,ii,lines 32-37
In this quote from Julius Caesar we see his ambition. He doesn't fear death because it will happen to him eventually.
This connects to the story because he knew that he was going to die but that didn't stop him from going out and trying to become the king that he wanted to be

"For myself, I've no personal reason to clash swords with him- it's solely for the welfare of the people. he'll take the crown. the question is, will that alter his nature?"
In this quote we see that Cassius wanted people to spread the word that Rome would not have a king. He wanted to show the people that their government would go back to the normal republic/democracy that it used to be.
"Some of you go to the speakers platforms and cry, "liberty, freedom, and democracy!"
III,i,page 5
This quote shows that Cinna was glad that Caesar was dead because he could no longer abuse his power.
This connects to the story because keeping Caesar from using his power for himself was the whole point of killing him.
"Liberty! Freedom! Tyranny is dead! Run from here! Proclaim it! Cry it in the streets!" III,ii,page 5
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