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Cultures of Suwanee

King Charles

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of CoS

These people usually speak the languages of Hindu, Urdu, and Bengal. They practice the religions of Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. The dominant religion is Hinduism. The caste system influences Hinduism and has created a culture that emphasizes established hiearchial relationships. They eat most of their food with their hands in India. They do not eat beef and are usually vegetarians. The people usually wear long clothing. Their music is played with the background of drumming. The people have moved away and the diffusion process is speeding up. India is starting to be a very diverse country. Presenting the Cultures of Suwanee by:
Alex Browning
Charlie Dickson
Josh Lorenz
Trey Shepard
Chris Varela
Brandon Wade
Kyle Wilcox Our Interests 1. Planning an event for everyone at Suwanee Town Park
2. Bringing out the cultures of Suwanee together
3. Donating extra proceeds made from the event to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Who We Are

The Cultures of Suwanee team is part of the Studio program at North Gwinnett High School. Studio is a project based learning class, to help children learn in a new way. The project is to bring all of the different cultures of Suwanee together and celebrate. There are seven hard working people in the group. Here's a little bit more about them. Charlie Dickson In charge of making sure that everyone gets their part of the work done. Searching for talent for a specific culture that is undecided now but whatever cultural talent that he likes will be performed in the event. He is also the help for Josh in the web designing process. On top of all that he is keeping in constant contact with the city manager and organizes all of our meetings with the city council Chris Varela
Organizing the event and where everything is going to go (vendors, talents, etc.). This means that Chris will be the Manager of Entertainment for this event. He will be partnered with Charlie in searching for talent because we are in search of people who can present their diversity of cultures in the event. Chris is also in charge of making flyers. Josh Lorenz Josh is in charge of finding art to show from different cultures. He is also in charge of designing our website.We need to do all of this within the next few weeks so he can put art that we are going to use for the event on the website. Josh is also helping Charlie make the T-Shirts. Trey Sheppard
Trey is working to find enetertainment for the event to exploit the diversity of talents in Suwanee. He is going to help design the layout of where everything goes, when things are going to happen, how its going to happen, and in what order it's going to happen in the event.

Kyle Wilcox
In charge of finding art alongside of Josh, and then going to retreive the art. He is also going to make sure that everybody at the event is happy and entertained. Kyles main job is to keep all the sponsors and vendor organized and informed. Brandon Wade
In charge of tasting foods from different cultures to be sure that we want it in our event. He is also in charge of taking notes or document what we do in our project. Not only is Brandon in charge of the stage design, but he aslo created our awesome logos.

Alex Browning
He is in charge of finding people who can dance their cultural dance or do something that is practiced in their culture. He is also in charge of taste testing along with Brandon. What our event is... The event we are trying to through is basically to bring together different culture in or around the Suwanee area. Most people don't know a lot of cultures that are here. For Example: we have forms of indian culture, korean, Japanese, etc. We already have some potential sponsors and are willing to do almost anything to have this event as soon as possible. We hope to see you all there. :) AP Human Geography Language Arts We are hoping to hit the topics of culture and language. We are bringing many cultures of one area together proving that there is a wide diversity of cultures in even the smallest of places (Suwanee). The cultures are all different and are all special in different ways. This will be an event where the different cultures can show off their talents and express their cultures to the community. Religion plays a big part in a cultures activity. The culture is mostly based in their specific religion. These religions are diverse as well as the cultures. Through out the project we have been learning how to put together e-mails, letters, how we format our phone calls, and formal business meetings. We also had to do a lot of searching to find reliable information, and site sources. Chinese Culture Indian Culture This entire project is based apon AP Human Geography, through many different forms. We used cultural traits, diffusion from the hearth, religion, AP Human Geography The Chinese culture is made of many religions such as Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity along with many local religions. Confucianism is focused on society and while it is starting to fade, the approach is still strong. Daoism is a rival religion with Buddhism and Confucianism, but says to "go with the flow." It has been diffused by borrowing Buddhist traditions in the past few years. Buddhism is a dominant religion in China and is an example of expansion diffusion. The main language is Mandarin and the people preform the lion dance which brings good fortune to weddings by combining art, history, and kung fu. South Korean Culture South Korea is an archipelego of over 3000 islands. There are many religions on this massive landmass, but Buddhism, Christianity, and Shamanism are the most dominant along with the local religions. This diversity makes up the country. South Korea's capital, Seoul, is cut in half by the Han River that flows into the Yellow Sea. The people have turned this simple river into a major industrial enterprice. With the businesses comes diffusion. The cultures are being spread because of this river. The younger part of the population is being spread and the elders are overpopulating. Here is an example of one of our emails Dear Diggers,

My name is Charlie Dickson, and I am working with the NGHS Studio program ,and we are looking at your company for a potential sponsorship for our event, Cultures of Suwanee. This event will hopefully bring all of the different cultures of Suwanee together in one area ,at one time. We are currently in contact with the city council and we are meeting with them within the next week. We want you to sponsor us at this event ,because we believe that you are important to the people of Suwanee and surrounding area. If you would be willing to sponsor us for this event we will advertise your company all around Suwanee town center. If you are interested you can also purchase a booth for 100 dollars and advertise your product/service. Any extra proceeds will to go Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta. Thank you for your time, if your interested please respond back to cdickson660@northgwinnett.com and we will send you information regarding the event as it progresses.


Charlie Dickson and the Cultures of Suwanee Team In this email to diggers we were sure to be very specific of what our event is and how they could communicate with us. Italian culture The family is the center of the social structure of Italy and provides a stabilizing influence for its members. In the north,only the primary family will live together while on the other hand in the south, the extended (grandparents, cousins, etc.) family often lives together in one house. Your family will decide economic, educational, and social structures of your life. What you wear can also determine what class of people your in. For example if you wear long dresses and lots of jewlery then your probably a high class person. Last in traditional Italiy etiquette is very important especially when invited to a persons house. If invited to someones house and the invitation says informal you should still wear a coat and tie for men and a dress for women; now the rules are much more relaxed though. Then Now March 2nd
2013 The mexican culture is completely based on romantic dancing and hispanic artwork. Mariachi bands are a common sight at most Mexican events such as quinceneras. Cultural foods consist of Empanadas, black beans, Carne Asada, and more. Dances include the Flamenco, the Tango, the Merengue, and the Salsa. Though most people stereotype Mexicans as wearing Serapes and Sombreros all the time, they only actually wear them at gatherings and religious events. Mexican Culture
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