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No description

Emilie Buske-Ferman

on 5 September 2016

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Transcript of Super3

Problem solved!

Step 1: Plan
Step 2: Do
Step 3: Review

Avatar created with Voki.com
Photos in prezi reproduced with permission from morgueFile.com.
What are you curious about?
Define the problem -
What am I supposed to do?
What do I need to know?
Where do I look to find that information?
What should the end project look like?
Do the Research and Present the Findings -
Where will I find my data? (This is where I stop, look, listen, see, taste,touch, smell, write, draw, etc.)
Have I gathered enough information?
How will I use the data I gathered?
What is the best way to present my findings?
Review & Judge the Results -
If I could do this again, what would I do differently?
Did I do what I said I would do?
Do I feel good about my work?
Is there more I need to do?
What did I like or dislike about this assignment?
Did I learn something new?
What do I think my grade will be?
What Should I Ask?
Greek Mythology (Monologues) -
Students research different Greek gods and goddesses.
Information is presented in the format of a performance monologue & mask design.
Plan (Step 1) - Learn about a Greek god/goddess
Roman & Latin Name, God/Goddess of what?, Famous for? Relatives? Weapon/Symbol? (at least 8 questions)
Do (Step 2) Start my research. Where do I look? Internet, Encyclopedias, Greek Myth Books
Review (Step 3) Did my research answers my questions?
You and me!
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