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draco lizard life. cycle

No description

Fourth Grade

on 3 April 2015

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Transcript of draco lizard life. cycle

Draco lizard life cycle
stage 1: laying egg's
stage 2: learning 2
because draco lizard are poisenes.draco lizard
is the size of a tea cup and is 8.4 in (21 cm).
draco lizard live in a forest south east asia.they
use ther long slider tail to go sidewades.draco
lizard are carnivore it means they eat meat.

:draco lizard are usto people eavan do not play ruff
Draco lizard start as an egg when they hatch they start climbing in the trees.the eggs are
easy to crack.The draco lizard
lay's the eggs in a hole on the ground so no predator can eat them.
By:Jeshua Rios

Draco lizard climb trees and
start there positon and find
another tree that's far away.
when there ready the draco
lizard jump and glide and go
down but ther going furward
at the same time.
stage 3:

Draco lizard predator
The predator of the draco lizard is snakes and
komodo dragon.draco lizard use ther gliding
skills to escape other
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