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Programmatic Landscape & the key players 2014/15

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Djordje Gvozdenovic

on 6 February 2018

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Transcript of Programmatic Landscape & the key players 2014/15

Demand side platform (DSP)
Agency Trading Desk (ATD)
Exchange / SSP
Programmatic landscape & the key players
The technology stack
Independent trading desk
The Retargeters
These help inform the RTB decision
The Media Agency
Primarily facilitating the planning & buying of media space on behalf of its clients across all channels.
The programmatic buying arm of Agency holding groups.
Dedicated team servicing clients directly.
Increased transparency model.
Focused resource.
Independently owned company servicing clients directly with increased transparency offering
Lack buying power of Agency trading desk.
Another contact point for advertiser.
A DSP is a technology platform allowing buyers to purchase ad inventory from exchanges at an impression level across, primarily, web, mobile and video channels.

DSP's connect the dots between exchanges, trading desks, DMP's and all other data sources.
Where supply meets demand
Open marketplaces that facilitates the buying and selling of ad impressions. Primarily done on a 2nd price based auction.
Data management platforms (DMP's).


Ad verification & tracking.

A technology that enables advertisers to serve an ad to a particular user based on their previous actions / decisions.

Retargeters often have a seat on an exchange meaning they have their own proprietary bidding technology.

Entire teams of engineers dedicated to retargeting users as efficiently as possible in the name of performance.

ROI driven.
Networks have the rights to sell inventory on behalf of publishers.

They sell fixed cpm, offer scale, targeting opportunities, open or blind buys.

Generally sit above RTB in the publisher waterfall.

They create and sell audience / site packages using arbitrage.
Publishers with large inventory pools are increasingly creating their own exchanges.

Bidders need a seat on the exchange to access inventory.

Emergence of the mega stacks as industry consolidates.
The future?
Advertiser (Demand)
Publisher (Supply)
Media Agency
The old days - Traditional dynamics of buying and selling of media space
By Djordje Gvozdenovic
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