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The University of Iowa Flag Football Captains Video

No description

Iowa Intramurals

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of The University of Iowa Flag Football Captains Video

The University of Iowa Intramural Flag Football Captain's Video
Contact the Intramural Sports Staff at: 319-335-9292




Pass Captain’s Quiz

Meet Minimum Player Requirement
***NEW THIS YEAR*** all players must pass a Player Quiz prior to joining a team.

Pay Registration Fee

Select Day & Time (Division)

Select Team T-Shirt Color

All must be done by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, September 4


Intramural Sports will offer single-night alternative sports and events on Friday nights. These events include:
Fall Schedule –
Team Handball
Canoe Battleship
Friday Night Series Events

The Free Agent Meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 4 at 2:00 PM in Room 201 Field House.

During this meeting, Free Agents will have the opportunity to form teams with one another, or speak with captains in need of players to fill a complete roster.

Free Agent Meeting

Thursday, September 5th at 2:00 PM in 201 Field House.

Allows Waitlist teams to choose Divisions and pay the registration fee.

Waitlist Meeting

On-line, confidential alcohol assessment

Teams must have 75% of the players on its final roster complete the assessment to receive a refund of its entry fee.

Details are available on the Intramural Sports website.

E-Checkup To Go Program

Champions will be awarded in the Men’s, Women’s, Fraternity, Sorority, and Co-Rec Divisions and will recieve:
Championship Trophy
$100 Gift Card to Buffalo Wild Wings
Buffalo Wild Wings Champion T-Shirts

Buffalo Wild Wings Intramural Sports Points Championship

Points are awarded to each team that participates in each sport.

Points based on each team’s finishing position.

Teams must keep the same team name throughout both semesters.

Buffalo Wild Wings Intramural Sports Points Championship

Anyone interested in officiating Flag Football must attend our Rookie Officials Orientation – Monday, September 2 at 5:00 PM

Flag Football Rules Training will take place after this meeting at 6:00 PM

Room E220 Field House

Official’s Training

The ball can hit the ground on a punt and be returned legally, as long as it isn’t “muffed” by the receiving team.

Defenders cannot wave their hands/arms in front of a receiver’s face in order to distract them.
Penalty: Defensive Pass Interference, 10 yards from the Previous Spot (if accepted)

Pass Interference can be called regardless of weather or not the pass is catchable.

Commonly Misunderstood Rules

A runner shall not use his/her hands, arms, or the ball to deny the opportunity for an opponent to remove the flag belt.

Examples include, but are not limited to:
Placing or swinging the hand or arm over the flag belt.
Placing or swinging the ball over the flag belt.
Lowering the shoulders which places the arm over the belt.

Flag Guarding

Flag football is to be played with minimal contact.

Players are to avoid contact whenever possible.

Some legal, incidental contact will occur.

Most contact will be judged on an advantage vs. disadvantage basis.

Player Contact

Blocking shall take place without purposeful contact. The blocker must keep his/her hands and arms at his/her side or behind his/her back.

Any use of hands, arms, elbows, legs, or body by either the offense or defense to INITIATE contact is illegal.

Screen Blocking

There are no kick-offs. Teams will begin with the ball on their own 14-yard lines.

Teams can punt the ball on fourth down, but they must declare to the referee their choice to punt.

Players cannot cross the line of scrimmage until the ball has been kicked.

There are no fair catches.

Kicking the Ball

The team winning the coin toss will choose from the following options:
Start on offense
Start on defense
Defer the decision until the second half
Which side they would like to defend

Coin Toss

Men shall use the regular size ball only.

The regular, intermediate, youth, or junior size football shall be used for Women’s and Co-Rec games.

The Ball

Women’s Playoffs
The top 3 teams in each Women’s division will advance to the Women’s playoffs.

Co-Rec Playoffs
The top 3 teams in each Co-Rec division will advance to the Co-Rec playoffs.

Posted on:

Intramural bulletin boards.


League Standings

Regular season games and early rounds of playoffs will be played at the Hawkeye Recreation Fields

Free parking available

Located on the Hawkeye Interdorm CAMBUS Route

Game Location

Pockets on shorts or pants are

Metal cleats are

Player Uniform

Matching colored team shirts are required.

Choose your team t-shirt color at the time of registration.

Individuals without a team colored shirt will not be allowed to participate.
T-Shirt Policy

Misinterpretation or misapplication of a rule may be protested.
No judgment calls may be protested.

Teams must call a timeout immediately and inform the official that they would like to protest.

To appeal the sport supervisor’s ruling, a written protest, along with $5.00, can be submitted in the IM Office by NOON the first business day following the game.


Recreational Services Information Hotline:
Press 2
Info-line will be updated by
3:00 PM on weekdays,
and Noon on weekends.

Rainout Information

Order at www.championsofintramurals.com using your school issued email address
The offer is only available to 15 teams per school
Once the order is submitted, no changes can be made
The shirts will ship to the address you input during ordering

Teams receiving shirts are asked to abide by the following:
Wear the Champion team shirts during your games
Represent Champion in a positive manner by displaying outstanding sportsmanship
Complete a survey emailed to you during the season

How do I get the shirts for my team?

The Region V tournament hosted by The University of Nebraska

November 8-10, 2013

NIRSA Regional Tournament

If a female passer completes a pass to a male behind the line of scrimmage and he runs across the line.
Penalty: Illegal Forward Pass, 5 yards from the previous spot, Loss of Down

Touchdown Value
If a female passer, female receiver, or female runner scores a touchdown, the point value is 9 points.

Co-Rec Differences Cont’d

Requires 8 players instead of 7.

An offensive male runner cannot advance the ball across his team’s line of scrimmage.

There cannot be 2 consecutive male-to-male pass completions. After first male-to-male pass completion, the next forward pass completion must involve a female passer or receiver.

Co-Rec Differences

If a Men’s or Women’s team is ahead by 19 or more points at the 2-minute warning of the 4th period, the game is over.

Co-Rec mercy rule is 25 points.

Mercy Rule

The person receiving the snap must be at least 2 yards behind the center and cannot receive a hand-to-hand snap.

The snap must be one single, continuous motion backwards.

The snap is not required to go through the center’s legs.


Following the ready for play signal, no player (offense or defense) may encroach the one-yard neutral zone.

If this happens, play will
be blown dead.

Dead Ball Penalty: Encroachment, 5 yards

Before the Snap

The field will be lined at 20-yard intervals and be a total of 80 yards from goal line to goal line.

These lines will represent the first down markers.

A new series of downs will be awarded when a team moves the ball into the next zone to gain.

Zone Line To Gain

For your safety,
jewelry must be removed before the start of the game.

A player will be asked to leave the field if found to be wearing jewelry.


It is the responsibility of the team captain to make each of his/her team members aware of the rules.

Games will consist of four 10-minute quarters with a running clock.

7 players on the field at a time (8 for Co-Rec).

The clock will stop on all dead balls, changes of possession, timeouts, first downs and out-of-bounds in the last 2 minutes of the second and fourth quarters.

Game Rules

Men’s A Playoffs
The top 2 teams in each Men’s Open, Fraternity, and Residence Hall divisions will advance to the Men’s A playoffs.

Men’s B Playoffs
3rd place team in each Men’s Open, Fraternity, and Residence Hall divisions will compete in the Men’s B playoffs.


Team Schedules will be posted on IMLeagues.com by Friday, September 6, 2013.

Games will begin on Sunday, September 8, 2013.

Team Schedules

University of Iowa students, faculty and staff.

Spouses/Legally Married Partners.

A player may represent:
Only one team in the Men’s/Women’s Division
Only one team in the Co-Rec Division

Participant Eligibility
Check IMLeagues.com frequently to make sure your roster is current and has no errors (i.e. eligible players listed as ineligible).

Player Drop Request Forms are available in E216 FH and on IMLeagues.com.

The Roster Drop Box is located outside the Main Office (E216 FH).
Team Roster

To be guaranteed eligible to play, players must be added to a team’s roster by 2:00 PM the day of the game for weekday games, and 7:00 AM the day of the game for weekend games.

Players can be added to a team’s roster until the above deadline the day of that team’s Quarterfinal Playoff game.

Team Roster
Champion will provide:
Customized double dry performance shirts for 15 teams
Championship t-shirts

Touchdowns are worth 6 points

Extra point values:
1 point try from the 3-yard line .
2 point try from the 10-yard line.
3 point try from the 20-yard line.

If the defense intercepts a pass or fumble in flight on a try, the ball will become dead and the try is over.

Scoring Points

The offensive team must have at least 4 players (5 players in Co-Rec) on the line of scrimmage at the snap.
The Line Judge will let teams know when thier "line is set."

Live Ball Penalty: Illegal Procedure, 5 yards

At the Snap

All officials will be trained by the Intramural Sports Staff.

Some may be certified in Football by ICAOA, NASO, NFHS, or some other accredited association.

Intramural Officials


Flag football teams have an opportunity to scrimmage during our officials training.

Thursday, September 5th at 7:00 PM at the Hawkeye Recreation Fields.
To participate in the scrimmages respond to the email that will be sent the week of September 2.

FREE Customized Shirts for Your Teams

What do the shirts look like?
Available in 4 colors: red, black, royal, and navy
Team names will be printed in all uppercase letters on the back
12 character maximum including spaces
“Champion” on the front
Team name and number on the back
# of shirts available per team: 15
Numbered 1-15
Available in men’s sizes S – XXL

All shirts are double dry performance material!

Fall 2013

League Announcements
Add Players to Roster
Sport Rules/Information Sheets
Handbooks/Manuals Link on Sport Home Page
Updated Standings/Brackets

Matt McCarthy & Drew Dunlay

Make sure teammates are eligible.

Make sure teammates know the sport and program rules and regulations.

Serve as team contact for IM Office.

Team Captain Responsibilities

Once a player enters a game on a second Men’s/Women’s team or a second Co-Rec team, that player is ineligible for the remainder of the season.

Teams with ineligible players on the team roster will forfeit any game in which that player participates.

Participant Eligibility

Fraternity/Sorority Participation
Any active member or prospective member can participate for that fraternity/sorority.

Residence Hall
Any current resident of any residence hall may participate in the Residence Hall Division.
Players on a residence hall team do not have to live in the same residence hall.

Participant Eligibility

Intercollegiate athletes
participate on an intramural team in that sport or a related sport.

Former Division I athletes must sit out two full semesters in their sports in order to compete in Intramural Sports.

Intercollegiate and Club Athletes

7 players on the field at a time – Men’s/Women’s
8 players on the field at a time – Co-Rec
Co-Rec Gender Requirements
4 Men and 4 Women

For Men's/Women's game, a team may begin with as few as 5 players

For Co-Rec games, a team may begin a game with as few as 6 players:
3 Men and 3 women
4 Men and 2 Women,
or 2 Men and 4 Women

Number of Players

Graduate Assistants
All players must present a University ID card prior to each game.

Each player will check-in with the officials on his/her field with his/her University ID.

Check-In Requirements


Captains, please remind all your players to bring their IDs for every game.

Officials will also check for metal cleats and shorts/pants with pockets.

Check-In Requirements

Any person caught misusing a UI ID is subject to suspension from Intramural Sports.

Incidents will be reported to the Dean of Students Office.

Misuse of UI ID


Any participant who participates in a fight will be suspended from all recreational activities for at least one calendar year.

Fighting incidents will be reported to the Dean of Students.
Participant Conduct

***New this year***
Officials rate teams on scale of 4 (excellent) – 1 (poor).

Teams receiving a 2 or 1 will be notified.

Must maintain 2.5 or better average for playoffs.


Ejected Player:

Required meeting with IM Staff (along with the Team Captain)
Ineligible to participate until after the meeting
Suspended at least one additional game


Games are officiated by student Intramural Officials.
Please treat the officials with the respect you expect to receive from them during the game.
To avoid forfeits, teams may default. A defaulting team will not be considered to have forfeited the game, but multiple defaults will result in fines:
1st Default – No fine
2nd Default – Captain fined 25% of registration fee cost
3rd Default – Captain fined 50% of registration fee cost
Defaults must be declared by 2:00 PM the day of the game via email, to matthew-mccarthy@uiowa.edu, or by phone, (319)-335-9292.


Teams not ready within 10 minutes of game time shall forfeit.

Teams that forfeit will be fined half the registration fee ($45.00).

If a team plays the remainder of its games the captain will be refunded the Forfeit Fine at the end of the season.

What To Wear
Each Captain will select his/her team’s position in the playoff bracket.
Priority selection will be given to those with the highest:
Sportsmanship Rating
Win Percentage
Teams without a representative will be randomly assigned to the bracket, and will forfeit the privilege to re-schedule their first-round match.
Tentative date: Wednesday, October 16th

Buffalo Wild Wings Playoff Draw

Live Ball Penalty: Flag Guarding, 10 yards from the spot of the foul
Spring Schedule -
Inner Tube Water Polo
Late Night Softball
All participants are expected to display good sportsmanship.
Teams can use any legal game ball that is approved by the referee.
Javy Perez

Kristen Jorgensen

Jacob Vandenbos

Peter Eilers

Scott Subak

Megan McDowell

Eric Martin

Greg Licht

Andrew Christ

Intramural Sports Staff
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