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Solving Equations

No description

malachi grier

on 15 January 2016

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Transcript of Solving Equations

when you create expression from word problems you first need to know what problem it is (multiply divide subtract add)
then you need to now what your add in this case
Ex: johnny Fez has 72 apples Monticello gives him 25 apples how many apples does he have?
so 72+25 which equals 97
Creating expressions from word problems
Solving Equations
when u solve and graph inequalities it is not that hard but you need to know a few steps
when you are solving and graphing inequalities
Ex: 9 < 20
you need to see which one is greater or least and graph it the way the arrow is pointing
in this case 9 is less then 20 and open circle shaded to the left
Solving and graphing inequalities
When you are solving equation you have to know what u are doing
Ex: 9 x 12
when you are solving it you first put them in order 12
x 9
then you go from up and down to up and diaginal then you will get 108
when writing equation you first need to know what your writing
Ex: 72+25
you will write john has 72 apples Monek has 25 apple if the add the apples together how much will they get
Writing equations
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