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Powerpuff Girls Z ep,1

I hope you guys,girls like this prezi ^.^ >.<

Alexa Rivas

on 16 February 2014

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Transcript of Powerpuff Girls Z ep,1

Bubbles;wait so there all brothers?!
Blossom;hurry we need to get to class!
Bubbles; no what news?
Hi this is my first time making one of these so i hope you guys like it!
Powerpuff Girls Z, Ep 1
The Creator Talking
The Begening
Buttercup;hey bubbles wait for me!
Bubbles;oh hi Buttercup.
Buttercup;did you here the news!

Buttercup;well from what Blossom told me on the fhone she overheard two teachers talking about three new students that will be entending our schoole! and get this.thell be in our class!
Bubbles;Buttercup slow down!first tell me one thing.
Buttercup;okay what is it?
go to the next circle
Schoole Time!
Bubbles;well first tell me our they all boys?
Buttercup;yes they are all boys.
Bubbles;and are they cute?
Buttercup;well i don't know if there cute.but i do know that there all brothers.
Buttercup;yea pretty much.
Bubbles;that's so kawi! [kawi means cute.]
Buttercup;lets gust hurry to schoole before were late.
Bubbles;okay.but instead of walking lets just run.
Buttercup and Bubbles start running to schoole.
At Schoole
Blossom;where were you guys?
Buttercup;we were running to schoole.
Bubbles;(out of breath)
Schoole Bell Rings!
Bubbles;lets run!
Blossom,Buttercup,Bubbles start running to class.
Blossom;we made it!
Teacher;girls please sit in your seats.
Teacher;students please welcome our three new students.boys please come in.
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