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MAT Portfolio Presentation

Teaching Portfolio & Resume

Kristi Taylor

on 27 January 2017

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Transcript of MAT Portfolio Presentation

Classroom Newsletter
Lesson Plan: Internet Search
Fairy Tale PPT
6th Grade English Lesson that includes Digital Literacy, Small Group Work and FreeWrites. (based on lesson plan from
ReadWriteThink.org- Enchanting Readers with Revisionist Fairy Tales Lesson Plan by James Bucky Carter)
Unit Plan
Astronomy Poetry
Kristi Taylor
MAT Portfolio Presentation
Kristi Taylor
"For some of us, books are as important as almost anything else on earth. What a miracle it is that out of these small, flat, rigid squares of paper unfolds world after world after world, worlds that sing to you, comfort and quiet or excite you. Books help us understand who we are and how we are to behave. They show us what community and friendship mean; they show us how to live and die.”

-- Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life
Texas Woman's University
Spring 2013
TExES PPR Score- 280
TExES ELAR 4-8 Score- 263
Repeated Reading: The Repeatable Intervention

Abstract: This critique examined the effectiveness of using repeated reading in a classroom to increasefluency and comprehension; based on the research of Dowhower and Homan. Also, this critique will strive to answer the question of whether repeated reading helps us improve fluency and comprehension from one text to another therefore producing generative knowledge. The process of selecting these two studies for review included choosing studies based on their research scope and their conclusions related to repeated reading. The findings of this critique highlighted the need for more research and that the relationship between increasing comprehension from text to text through repeated reading is still unclear.Keywords: repeated reading, fluency, comprehension
Navigation Instructions:

To view any document or artifact, click on it (page by page). When you are finished viewing the document, click on the arrows at the bottom of the presentation to continue with the presentation.
I have always loved books and reading. In fact I have been called a bibliophile more than once in my lifetime. My favorite memories as a child were in my reading classes where we would talk about books and poetry.
Some of my Favorite books growing up
While working in a bookstore, I decided that I wanted to share my love of reading with people; so I went to the University of North Texas and received my Master of Library Science.
I became a librarian and worked in a large urban public library as a children's librarian. I loved working with our patrons, especially children. However, I felt that I would have a better opportunity to influence a love of a reading as a teacher. So I started the MAT program at Texas Woman's University in the Spring of 2012.
My hobbies include sewing and anything of the crafty nature. I believe that
you should always leave a place better than how you found it. I'm a gadget fanatic and I love technology. I also do a bit of graphic design and photography.
Summer Reading Video with my puppet Petey the Pirate
Felt Turkey for a Storytime
GPA: 3.76
Spring 2012-
EDUC 5123( Learning Theory), EDUC 5173 (Diversity in the Classroom) & READ 5423(Literacy: Practice to Theory)
Summer 2012-
EDUC 5113(Foundations of Teaching & Learning) & READ 5503(Phonological Orthographic Language Systems)
Fall 2012-
EDUC 5131(Technology in Assessment & Inst.), EDUC 5143(Design & Mgmt of Class Environment), EDUC 5133(Assessment & Design) & READ 5453(Process & Strategies for Comprehending Text
Spring 2013-
Student Teaching and Professional Portfolio
My Dream Classroom
Reading Nook
Literacy Posters
I want it to be Colorful & Welcoming
Ipads for Students
A personal narrative about why I want to teach.
This is my student-centered discipline system which is based on all of the discipline models that I studied in EDUC 5143.
8th Grade English Class
Unit Length: 3 weeks
(15 sessions/45 minutes each)

Curricula Areas: English & Science
Although there are many ways to
communicate with parents, I believe
that sending a newsletter home with my
students is an effective means of communication.

This Newsletter addresses the Learner-Centered
Proficiency 4 (demonstrating professional and
interpersonal communication skills).
Teaching Field: ELAR 4-8
Advisor: Dr. Nancy Anderson
Expected Graduation: May 2013
Field Based Observations
SPRING 2013 (Student Teaching)
8th Grade English Classroom- Harpool Middle School (Denton ISD) 7 weeks
8th Grade Reading Classroom- Harpool Middle School (Denton ISD) 7 weeks

FALL 2012 (Classroom Observations 30 hours)
8th Grade English Classroom-Crownover Middle School (Denton ISD)

SPRING 2012 (Classroom Observations 15 hours)
8th Grade English Classroom-McMath Middle School (Denton ISD)
Self Selected Item 2
This is one of my lesson plans from student teaching in an 8th grade English classroom. It covered finding authoritative internet sources and illustrates my ability to bridge my knowledge as a librarian into teaching applicable and modern skills to students.
As part of the lesson I wanted to engage the students in the process so I used Socrative to check for understanding and a Prezi to deliver the instruction part of the lesson. Students were asked to check for prior knowledge by working as group to produce a Post-it.
Socrative is an online student response system.
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