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WALL-E. Why is it a dystopia?

Why the film WALL-E is an example of dystopian literature

Thao Dao

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of WALL-E. Why is it a dystopia?

Plot The movie WALL-E is a dystopian film taken place in the year of 2805. The story follows a WALL-E robot and another robot, EVE, sent from the Axiom in space to find vegetation. When the evil autopilot robot won't allow humans to fast track back to Earth, WALL-E and EVE take matters into their own hands in order to save humanity. Common Story Elements Citizens live under harsh control of a corporation/technology
Auto, the autopilot robot won't allow the humans to go back to Earth
Truth about the world is kept a secret
Most of the humans on the Axiom don't know what is going on apart from the fact that they are on the ship while "Earth is being cleaned"
Story takes place after an apocalyptic event
Earth becomes inhabitable due to all the waste produced by the humans Common Story Elements Illusion of a utopia is kept up using propaganda to cover up the bad situation
The mega corporation uses the Axiom as there way to hide the fact that the humans won't be returning to Earth
The main character questions the goodness of the corporation
Wall-E and EVE figure out that Auto isn't so friendly and doesn't want to return the humans back onto Earth Why is it a dystopian? WALL-E Thao Dao Creating a Dystopia Society gives power to a new corporation/technology but it takes things to far and becomes oppressive
The mega corporation BnL takes over and brings Earth's population onto the Axiom because they believe it is for the greater good
When the humans become lazy, the robots start to do their jobs and eventually Auto takes over control of the entire ship without the captain even knowing Creating a Dystopia Dystopia is created after and apocalyptic event
After the mass pollution of the Earth, BnL decides it is inhabitable, so they are brought onto a ship in space where they are controlled unknowingly by BnL's robots. Common Themes Danger of technology
The autopilot robot over ruled all the people and took control without the pilot knowing it was evil
Importance of knowledge and truth
If the people on the Axiom had known all the WALL-E robots weren't cleaning the Earth, things might not have gotten so bad Real-World Trend If Earth's population becomes careless over trash, then the world will become an inhabitable, waste filled planet
If humans only depend on technology to do our everyday simple tasks, we will become dangerously obese
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