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LIghtning Thief- chapters 1-8

Lexi Kogut

Lexi k

on 4 September 2010

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Transcript of LIghtning Thief- chapters 1-8

Lightning Thief Chapter 1-8 timeline Chapter 1 they were going to a field trip to the museum Mr. Brunner asked Percy about the story of the Titans Nancy claims that Percy pushed her into the fountain Ms. Dodds calls him into the museum and she turns into a monster Mr. Brunner come to help him fight and he slices her with the ball point pen sword Mr. Brunner says there was never a Ms. Dodds Chapter 2 No one remembers Ms. Dodds, it was Ms. Kerr Percy can tell that Grover is lying Percy overhears Mr. Brunner and Grover talking about him being in danger They are going to the bus station to leave, Percy has been kicked out again The bus breaks down Percy see the three old ladys and one to them cuts the cord Chapter 3 Percy ditches Grover at the bus station Percy comes home to see Gabe playing poker with his friends His mom comes home and tells him that they are going to the beach Percy's mom tells him about his dad Grover comes and Percy tells him everything that happened They run to the car and Percy sees Grover's goat legs Chapter 4 They are racing down the highway Grover admits that there was a Ms. Dodds Lightning hits the car and they are thrown off the road They see the minotaur chasing after them They try to run to the top of the hill The minotaur squeezes his morther into a flash of golden light Percy ripps off this horn and stabs him with it. Percy carries Grover up half blood hill to safety Chapter 5 Percy wakes up and sees Chiron, who is Mr. Brunner as a centaur and tells him that gods are real He finds out that Dionysis is there as the camp director He finds out about how Olympus and the gods work Chapter 6 Chrion shows Percy around camp Percy is put in Cabin 11, whose god is Hermes He finds out what half blood means Clarisse trys to shove Percy in the toliet but thrn water shoots out at her Chapter 7 Percy becomes friends with Luke He eats Percy has no talents other than canoeing and sword fighting They burn food for the gods Chapter 8 THey play capture the flag and Percys team wins Posidon claims Percy
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