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Ancient Mesopotamia Economics

The economics of ancient Mesopotamia

Sparrow Gabriel

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of Ancient Mesopotamia Economics

By Leila, Mia, and Brooke The Economics of Ancient Mesopotamia The Economic Practices the Civilizations Engaged in Agriculture and Trade Great Role Models Ancient Mesopotamia was a great role model for other upcoming civilizations. They invented the first form of writing. Providing a better way to communicate. They also invented the wheel, so there were carriages making transportation a lot easier for their vastly growing cities. One other form of transportation was boat. Mesopotamia means land between the rivers, and it lives up to that name. Boats were key to trade. The three types of boats were wooden with a triangular sail, a boat that was shaped like tub and made of reeds, and a raft of timbers with inflated animal skin to keep it afloat. Mesopotamia had a lot of technology that shaped the way we live now. Those tribes were know to be the craddle of civilization. Geographic Luck Fertile Crescent Key Products items, ideas, creations THE END Ancient Mesopotamia mostly engaged in agriculture and trade. The land made it easy to grow a variety of crops. The rivers also provided and easy way to transport goods. While there was no actually currency, trade was more efficient. Because of how abundant and lush the crops were, they could trade them for things that they were not able to produce as much. This way they had everything they needed Writing, Cities, boats, tools Traded:
Wool and cloths
Copper Created:
Using Animals
Tools The land where Ancient Mesopotamia was was called the Fertile Crescent. The land was flat, there were two big rivers, and the mountains. It was also very warm. This made mining, agriculture, cities, and transportation quite easy. It helped the economy stay strong and keep growing along with the rest of the civilization. Bibliography
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