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rachael markovic

on 6 April 2014

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Transcript of Horses

by Rachael M. Hargreaves Horses Arabian Arabians have a dished face and small muzzle. These characteristics show spirit and elegance in the breed. Arabians can run long distances through hottest deserts in Arabia. Arabians, when running, tend to carry their tails up elegantly as they glide across the surface. A Virginian, Nathan Harrison, imported the first Arabian Stallion into North America in 1725. All Arabian horses have black skin underneath their coats, except underneath any white hair. When these horses lived in the desert, the black skin would help to protect them from the hot sun. The most common coat color of Arabians is bay. Horses The Arabian horse is the oldest pure-bred horse in the world. The most famous Arab horses are the Bedouin Arabs, know as the Original or Elite Arab. Arab horses have three main characteristic colors: Chestnut Bay Gray Arabs usually stand 14.1 - 15 hands high. Arabs have associated closely with humans for centuries, and the Arab horse of today enjoys human companionship and learns quickly from its human counterparts. The action of the Arab is unique and distinctive. This breed is characterized by a 'floating' movement, a spring-action movement of utmost ease. After the Greeks were introduced to the Arabian horses, they fashioned a god-like creature called Pegasus-- a winged Arabian horse which occasionally descended to earth from its home on Mt. Olympus. During the Crimean War (1851-1854), one Arab horse raced 93 miles without harm, but its rider died from exhaustion The Quarter Horse is believed to be the fastest over a quarter mile. The Quarter Horse is the most popular breed. The ‘bulldog’ type had massive shoulder muscles, large hindquarters, a barrel body and thick solid bone in the legs. This type of horse was and still is used as a working stock horse. The Quarter horse is most commonly used for ranch work, thanks to its massive muscles and hindquarters. The breed originated from the Rocky Mountain stud colt of 1890 brought from the Rocky Mountain region of the United States to the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern, Kentucky around 1890 They have a small body. The Mountain Horse has a chocolate colored body. The Mountain Horse has a flaxen mane and tail. The Mountain Horse is gaited. http://www.horsechannel.com/horse-breeds/mountain-horse-gaits.aspx The breed is defined as having a medium height from 14.2 to 16 hands. Chocolate 48.13%
Black 19.09%
Chestnut/Sorrell 13.19%
Red Chocolate 6.48%
Bay 6.37%
Palomino 2.45%
Buckskin 1.51%
Roan 0.95% Other 0.88%
Gray 0.31%
Dun/Grullo 0.31%
Cremello 0.23%
Champagne 0.10% Colors The Quarter Horse The Mountain Horse Bay Chocolate Black Chestnut Palomino Buckskin Roan Grey Dun Cremello Champagne The Friesian has a long black mane and tail. Friesian horses now only come in black but they originally came in chestnut and grey as well. Friesian This breed was developed for knights to ride into battle. The Friesian stands to be between 15 and 17 hands high. The Quarter Horse is between 14.2 and 16 hands tall. Gypsy Vanner The Gypsy Vanner comes in various colors. Grey Black Pinto Paint White Bay Roan They have long, thick manes and tails. They have feathered hooves.
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