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Google Glass feasibility study

No description

Weej Chavez

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Google Glass feasibility study

Projected Revenue

Projected Revenue for one quarter:
Est. 20 customers/quarter*28000 = P560,000.00
Projected annual revenue:
P2,240,000 Conclusion
• Google glass can be linked to a social networking account / profile.

• Verified Name Indicator

• Security features

• Constant updates

• Suggestions, feedbacks and comments Team 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c SLEEP THEN WHO WAS PHONE Financial Projections Google Glass Feasibility Study Nature of the Business Alternative Courses
Action Regulations & Environmental Issues Cost Equipment Availability Location Marketing &
Sales Strategy Competition Market Environment Financial Projections Methodology Conclusion Irvin Abellanosa Hyeon Gyu Choi Gio Mendoza Julius Adrian Chin Wilfredo Chavez Jr. Group 7 Group 7! Group 7 Criteria ok, glass Google Glass is a new kind of technology that will revolutionize the era of modern technology.

Google Glass is feasible here in the Philippines. No direct competitions

Making similar devices

Google would develop it themselves
(Software) Public
First of its kind
Estimated frequency of product purchase(around 1,000 unit every 1/2 year)
People with P500,000
income annually
People from 17-40 Years old
All genders and from the college
level beyond Introduction Advertisements
Partnership with Samsung
Product price
Payments (CASH or Credit Card)
Warranty (1 year) Evaluation ◇ Results show a plausible hit. Survey suggests interested respondents 01134 Factors Continuous purchasing of gadgets by consumers. Searching for a product
Making of the questionnaire
Gathering of information
Online news articles and updates Google Glass is a wearable, voice-activated computer with a head-mounted display with a screen much like one would see in today’s Smart phones. Google Glass Operating system CPU Storage capacity & memory Display Camera Android
version 4 OMAP 4430 SoC, dual-core
basically it has same CPU with
Samsung Galaxy S II * 16 GB Flash total (12 GB of usable memory)
* 1GB RAM prism projector, 640×360 Pixels (Equivalent of a 25 inch screen from eight feet * Photos - 5 MP
* Videos - 720p Basic specs Google’s Project Glass is an interesting, upcoming innovation that caught interest of multitudes and spread quickly across the internet Today, it is among one of the most talked about devices in the cyber and tech world. * Mall The outlet would be open during mall hours. * glasses = small sized monitor + computer + optional modular lenses *Advertisements (brochures, etc.)
* Units from manufacturer
* Rent, supplies, and staff. Thank You! Recommendations * Very minor or no equipment is needed for distributor's outlet other than which is already provided in the area they are renting (unless renovations are needed). * Good staff are adequate * Office supplies and furniture are the major equipment needed for a distributor's outlet Operating Expenses
A. Marketing and Advertising
Internet PHP 120,000.00
Flyers & Brochures 10,000.00 PHP 130,000.00

B. Office and Related
Rent Expense PHP 300,000.00
Electricity PHP 36,000.00
Telephone 10,000.00 46,000.00

Depreciation-Furniture & Office Equipment 33,333.00
Office Supplies 5,000.00
Repairs & Maintenance 5,000.00 389,333.00

C. Personnel and Related
Salaries, Wages and Benefits
Est. 3 employees @ P300 per day basic PHP 216,000.00
Est. Employee benefits @ P12,000 per person 36,000.00 252,000.00

Total PHP 771,333.00 Annual Income Statement
Sales Revenue PHP 2,240,000.00
Others 0.00
Total Revenues (See Sch. 1)PHP 2,240,000.00
Less: Cost of Sales 1,120,000.00
Gross Profit 1,120,000.00
Marketing and Advertising PHP 130,000.00
Office & Related 389,333.00
Personnel and Related 252,000.00
Total Operating Expenses (See Sch.2) PHP 771,333.00
Net Operating Income PHP348,667.00
Less: Est. Income Tax @ 35% 122,033.45

Net Income PHP 226,633.55 Welcome Statement of Owner’s Equity
Capital PHP 200,000.00
Net Income 226,633.55
Total Owner’s Equity: PHP 426,633.55

Balance Sheet
Current Assets
Cash – In bank PHP 209,966.55
Cash – On hand 10,000.00 PHP 219,966.55
Accounts Receivable 140,000.00
Non-current Assets
Furniture & Office Equipt. PHP100,000.00
Less: Accum. Dep’n .-33,333.00_________66,667.00
Total Assets: PHP 426,633.55
Capital PHP 200,000.00
Net Income_ 226,633.55
Total Owner’s Equity: PHP 426,633.55 8008135 -What if it gets hacked easily? -What if it gets stolen too easily? -What if it doesn’t sell well ? -What if it gets easily broken due to
it falling from a certain height? -What if it gets broken easily because
it got wet or got soaked in water? -What if it just gets broken? *Improve anti-hacking system *Change the design of the glass:
>changing its design, making it hard to take off from the head if not done properly
>changing its design, making it look like an ordinary glass, so that it wont get targeted so easily *Installing it some tracking software, so that after it gets stolen, the customer or the police can track it. *Make a survey and improve the product, basing the improvements on what were on the result on the survey, for example the factors that made the customers dislike the product, like what was lacking in it or what were its problems. *Make it shock proof, withstanding the shock of falling to the ground from a certain height , for example 5 ft. *Make it water proof so that the customers may use it while it’s raining or even under water. *Establish a repair shop for the Google Glass in malls. A few examples of problems that may occur to Google Glass and their solutions: Projected Revenue for one quarter:
Est. 20 customers/quarter*28000 = P560,000.00
Projected annual revenue:
P2,240,000 IT 132 project
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