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Graduation Project

No description

Sidra Siddiqui

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Graduation Project

Graduation Project Some Basic Info: Reflection C
R Future Plans Colleges Sidra Siddiqui ANY QUESTIONS? Architect Interview: Shadow: Interview & Shadow: C
E EDUCATION #1 Bryn Mawr West Chester Temple Drexel Some Basic Info: ACCEPTED! A bachelor of Architecture degree is 5 years. Classes: design studios,
engineering classes,
public speaking classes
art classes Things you use:
computer with AutoCAD
Revit software Median Annual Pay: $72,550 Mr. Price "I enjoy working with some really great people, making an impact with my buildings, and the variety of projects." "Sometimes there are long hours required to get a project finished and my job can be very stressful at times." "When deciding your college major and career…figure out what you love to do and follow that! You will be happier and really make an impact in this world!" Lister Architects Mrs. Melanie Hicks Mrs. Brogan "Book of Codes": Education Required..a lot Company Meetings Revisions DRAFTING Revisions of Projects Computer Work: AutoCAD Education: A bachelors is four years, masters an extra two. Mrs. Jennifer Stanley, Caln Elementary School "There was a huge range of subjects…everything from teaching math to classroom management to politics to psychology! They were very interesting. I think they try to expose you to as many subjects as possible because it’s important for a teacher to be well-rounded as well as well-educated." "I love making a difference in a child’s life and seeing my students learn. Just knowing that I have a hand in shaping how a child thinks or how they see education or their future is so inspiring. " "The most satisfying thing is knowing that I had a hand in helping someone learn something or that I may have motivated them to do something more with their future. " About me Median Annual Pay: $51,660 Teacher Education Programs Elementary Education
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