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Personal Learning Environment (PLE)

No description

Bryan Chan

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Personal Learning Environment (PLE)

Personal Learning Environment (PLE) search engine : google & Yahoo facebook VLE University Library Online dictionary wikipedia youtube What? You can't imagine Dictionary is important?!
Dictionary is extremely important to international student!!
This is the most important tool to me.
When reading different papers, I need to look up the dictionary to understand what the sentence mean. It is also very helpful when writing essay and pratical report, as international student very often misspell a word and make different kind of silly grammer mistake!! Why use online dictionary?! It is because look up a paper-back dictionary is bery time-consuming. It is impossible that bring a dictionary with me all the time, but i can bring my phone to look up a word in the web anytime. Remember! The next one is an useful website but not for plagiarism. Wikipedia is useful when looking up facts of an organism, technology etc. It is very easy to use, only type in the word and search, the fact will then shown up and there is references at the bottom of the page. However, i don't think it is a reliable sourse for referencing in a pratical report as everyone can edit the page. It is still a good website to understand background knowledge. Google and Yahoo are quite different with wikipedia.
Search engine is useful as it links to other web site of the things that you are looking for.
It is also good for finding useful picture for illustraing a process and used in presentation.
It is also useful in finding latest news of a new technology.
I love using search engine as it can lead me to different government and organisation website, as not everybody can remember which website is which. Government and organisation research reports are a reliable source when writing essay. Who don't like youtube? NOONE!!
Other than reading dull not colourful textbook, youtube is you choice.
There is lots of video explaning how a things work with great audio and visual effect.
It is a good website for learning new stuff as it provide lots of background knowledge. Most of the videos are short and easy to understand. The most important things is you can watch it as many times as you like!! I think this the best way to reinforce the knowledge into your brain!! I love VLE. It has lots of useful links such as all the lecture slides and past exam paper. It is very useful when revising. But i think the most important function of VLE is the mail box that i can contact my tutors and lecturers when i have problem on learning. It is the most useful part that i find in the university website. It is easy to use although the look is a bit dull.It has a search engine that links to different research papers which is very useful when doing assessments. Another function that i like is renewing books in the internet and book different workshop. I love this one most although it is the most useless one among all. Facebook is a good place that friends express their ideas on different aspect and it is very popular too. Such as we can use it to sharing some useful E-material on the web. Overall, i think using e-material is better than reading books, at least it is more interesting.
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