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Multi-Level Marketing

K S V College- Gandhinagar(Gujarat) Group No:- 49

shahbaz mandli

on 31 May 2014

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Transcript of Multi-Level Marketing

Project Guide:
Prof. Bhavesh Katariya

Submitted At
Master of Science (Information Technology)
Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya (Gandhinagar)

User Requirement
System Design
E-R Diagram
Functional Requirement
System Requirement
Non-Functional Requirement
Tools & Technology
Project Profile

Project Profile
The project titled Multi-Level Marketing web site for monitoring and controlling the Market Product and User’s .The project “Multi-Level Marketing” is developed in java, which mainly focuses on basic operations in marketing like adding new member, new Product, and updating new information, searching Product and members and facility to borrow and return product details.

“Multi-Level Marketing” is a web application written for 32-bit Windows operating systems, designed to help users maintain and organize User. Our software is easy to use for both beginners and advanced users. It features a familiar and well thought-out, an attractive user interface, combined with strong searching Insertion and reporting capabilities. The report generation facility of Multi-Level marketing helps to get a good idea of which are the Person borrowed by the members, makes users possible to generate reports’ hard copy.
Admin Management
Multi level marketing or MLM business is one of the most powerful business concepts that we have ever come across in the history of world business. However, despite the thousands upon thousands of people that have used this product distribution model have helped live a lifestyle that they would have only dreamed about, there is still a significant amount of people that have some absolutely terrible things to say about multi level marketing. Let’s take a look at some of the good, the bad and the ugly facts about multi level marketing. Multi level marketing, MLM, is without question, in my opinion a business model that has changed lives for the better. I guarantee you that many people who have been successful in creating a full time income in this industry would have never been able to create that type of income using traditional business or investing. This is because it offers several benefits that traditional business and investing simply do not offer, especially in India where MLM business is still to catch up.

Multi Level Marketing


The web site to add User and multi product marketing has four main modules.
Insertion to Database Module – User friendly input screen
Extracting from Database module – Attractive Output Screen
Report Generation module – borrowed User list & Available User list
Search Facility system – search for User Details and members

This project of “Multi-Level marketing” of gives us the complete information about the Market in Indian scenario. We can enter the record of new person and retrieve the details of Details available in the web site. We can add member and to the add a members in child to the parent use check how many people (child) are available in the web site and to check a child monthly purchasing product and parent got a point in child use .

Throughout the project the focus has been on presenting information and comments in an easy and intelligible manner. The project is very useful for those who want to know about Attendance with Multi-Level Marketing.
Create / Edit Profiles
Record / View Transactions
View User Summaries
Alert Notices / Reminders
Change Commissions / Discounts
Advanced Transaction Reporting
Remove People From Tree
Re-assign Parent
Graphical View of Tree
User Management
Secure Login
View Current Account Balance Point
Communicate With Site Owner
View Monthly Earnings Summary
View Transaction Details
Advanced Transaction Reporting
Graphical View of Down-line
Framework:- j2se
Application Architecture:- Web Application
Code Behind Language:- JSP
System Design Tool:- NetBeans IDE 7.0
Dreamweaver 8
Data Base:- MySQL Server 5.0
Platform:- Web
is hear
Admin Management
Create / Delete Profiles in user:-
Admin add user details and Delete User Account.
Record / View Transactions:-
Show all trisection in user to purchasing product.
View User Summaries:-
Admin show all trisection in user point table summaries.
Alert Notices / Reminders:-
Admin to alert any festival new scheme and any types of notices & reminder.
Change Commissions / Discounts :-
Admin change commission point and other extra discount.
Remove People From Tree:-
Remove any user in child node.
Re-assign Parent
Admin to arrange a Parent node and Re-assign Parent.
Graphical View of Tree:-
All type of tree in user parent and child node.
User Management
Secure Login:-
Theories user login in system.
View Current Account Balance Point:-
Count current your point and get child point.
Communicate With Site Owner:-
Communicate to your network in mail.
View Monthly Earnings Summary:-
Show Monthly earning Report and child node Monthly earning.
View Transaction Details:-
Current trisection Details in particular use.
Advanced Transaction Reporting:-
Trisection Details in child node details.
Graphical View of Down-line:-
Generate Tree in Child node in current user.
Secure access of user's details.
Flexible service based architecture will be highly desirable for future extension
Better component design to get better performance at peak time
Server Side
Hardware Requirement:
Processor: Intel P4 1.0GHz or Higher.
Ram: 1G.B or Higher.
Hard Disk: 80G.B or More.
Software Requirement:
Font End: JSP (apache-tomcat-7.0.0, JDK 7)
Back End: MySQL Server 5.0.
Operating System: Window XP/ Window 7 or Higher.
Client Side
Hardware Requirement:
Processor: 1.5 GHz.
Ram: 256 RAM.
Hard Disk: 10G.B or More.
Software Requirement:
Operating System: windows 7
Web Browser: Internet Explorer, Mozilla and, chrome
Diagrams are one of the better ways to communicate different of a components of a system. They are also too easy to understand by everyone. They offer an overview of the entire system. An E-R diagram is known as Entity relationship diagram. An E-R diagram is graphical method of representing entity classes, attributes and relationships.

An ERD is a model that identifies the concepts or entities that exist in a system and the relationships between those entities. An ERD is often used as a way to visualize a relational database: each entity represents a database table, and the relationship lines represent the keys in one table that point to specific records in related tables. ERDs may also be more abstract, not necessarily capturing every table needed within a database, but serving to diagram the major concepts and relationships. This ERD is of the latter type, intended to present an abstract, theoretical view of the major entities and relationships needed for management of electronic resources. It may assist the database design process for an e-resource management system, but does not identify every table that would be necessary for an electronic resource management database.
Customer_master :-
Brand_detail :-
Childpoint :-
Point_detail :-
Home Page
Thank You Sir/mem............
Main Index Page to Start a web site and company detail.
User Registration Page
Create a New Account and fill all required field.
Sélect Your Parent Page
Login Page
Forgot Password Page
Select Brand Page
Select Brand Category Detail Page
Show Product Detail Page
Show Your Card Page
Add Brand Detail Page
Add Product Detail Page
Show Your Tree Page
Show Current Stock Page
Add Stock Page
Edit Delete Brand Page
Contact Us Page
About Us Page
Change Password
User do not login then insert a some security question in reset your password.
select the perent user.
Login for user to login valid user.
Change user password
This page display Select brand and
display information.
This page display Select brand for product catagories.
This page display selected product detail.
This page display Add brand detail.
This page display Add product detail.
This page display Edit and Delete for brand detail.
This page display Add stock to select brand and this product.
This page display tree for parent and child user
This page display the current stock
This page display contect detail of side owner.
This page display about us of side.
Show Your Selected Product list in cat and delete and update product quantity
Show Total Product Vise Selling
This page show total product vise selling report
Show Total Selling
This Page Display total selling
Feedback Form
Admin Show total feedback
user can send Feedback to and any type request or complain
Admin can show total feedbake and after remove the feedback
Show Order detail
Admin chake a order detail and send to product
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