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Alexander Graham Bell

No description

Anna Denomme

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Alexander Graham Bell

Biography Alexander Graham Bell Values that Shaped Alexander Graham Bell's Achievements Major Obstacles that He had to Overcome
Alexander Bell was born on March 3, 1847 in Scotland. His father worked on visible speech for the deaf and his mother was deaf. This taught him to look past appearances and to find a solution to help them. Bell’s first invention was at the age of 12. It was a device that dehusked the wheat faster. At age 16 he became his father’s apprentice, teaching the deaf visible speech.
After his two brothers died from tuberculosis, he decided to move to Brantford, Ontario to protect his health in 1870, (he received a Canadian citizenship). He was offered a tutoring occupation in Boston that he eagerly accepted. After a couple of years he moved back to Canada to work on the telephone. Bell and his partner Watson worked on the telephone from 1873 to 1876. On March 10, 1876 the first telephone call was made, and the Bell Company was born. Bell had become famous for inventing the telephone. In 1877 Bell married and had his first child.
Bell’s inventions did not stop there. He then invented a metal jacket to help patients with lung problems and established American Association to Promote the Teaching of Speech to the Deaf. He also became very interested in kites and invented and tested many different men carrying kites (Ask.com).
Bell died on August 2, 1922 (Bio.True Story). Alexander Graham Bell was a very dedicated and driven individual. His mother was deaf and his father and grandfather both worked on visible speech for the deaf. Bell learned at a young age that this was important to do something about. He worked with many children and adults teaching ways to communicate. He also worked with Helen Keller for a while and devoted his time to find an appropriate teacher for her (Short and Sweet). Because he was so determined and driven in speech it promoted and encouraged him to futher experiment with the telephone. Helen Keller and Alexander Graham Bell Choices and Decisions That Bell Made Which led him to Notoriety Alexander Graham Bell became famous for inventing the telephone. He was devoted and dedicated to this invention. At a young age he was interested in sound because his mother was deaf. He and his brother would use a dead sheep’s voice box to say “mama”. This created interest in human speech. He decided to move to Boston to worked with the deaf and teach them visual speech which in turn created more curiosity. He turned his attention toward the telephone because he tried to make a device to support the deaf (Answers). Alexander Graham Bell and the Telephone Ways that his Actions
Benefit or Influenced Other Bell was so devoted and committed to find answers to problems, and making inventions to solve them. He is a great role-model to all inventers. His actions show people to keep trying even when everything goes wrong. He and his partner Watson worked on the telephone for 3 years before it was successful.
Because he looked past the fact that someone was deaf he showed extreme respect for the diversity of the world. He did not judge people because of their differences, instead he helped them. One obstacle that Bell had to overcome was his mother’s deafness. Even though he grew up with it and it became normal for him, he still had to adapt to it at a young age.
When the Bell family was living in London both his brother died of tuberculosis. His own health was in jeopardy, so they moved to Ontario. This was hard because he had lost family members that where very close to him and plus he moved somewhere new. On the other hand Bell and his family’s health improved.
When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone there was a lot of controversy over who really invented it first. Elisha Gray (inventor) claimed that he invented it first. There were many court sessions about this but in the end Bell won (Garden Of Praise).
Bell and his wife experienced a tragic loss when both their sons died at young ages. To any parent this is terrifying. Over time the family recovered and they had two Daughters Why Should We Be Proud of This Person’s Achievements? We should be proud of this person’s Achievements because the telephone has evolved so much that we should be delighted that it all started with a Canadian. He started the technology that we now use so much now. His name is well known as a phone Company and the inventor of the telephone. Why Alexander Graham Bell is a Good Citizen Bell is a good citizen because he shared his invention with the world. He grew up with values and morals that helped in his success. For one he had respect for all because he did not judge by appearance or ability.
Bell devoted much of his life towards helping the deaf. He helped by teaching different ways to communicate and finding teachers that would help them learn better. An example of this is Helen Keller.
He helped the community by making inventions that could solve problems and make life easier. Even at a young age when he invented the dehusking machine. Bell invented it to make it easier on the workers. In Canada he invented the metal jacket for lung problems. This was also made to help the patients and the people around him feel better and healthier.
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