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Rhetoric: Logos

Rhetoric Project 1

Amy Nguyen

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Rhetoric: Logos

Why is Logos an important component to being a persuasive speaker? Why it 's more important
than Ethos: http://courses.durhamtech.edu/perkins/aris.html Sources http://sixminutes.dlugan.com/ethos-pathos-logos/

https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/588/04/ In order for a speaker to be convincing , Logos is needed to support the speaker's claims. Mr. Fournier
Rhetoric Created by Amy Nguyen, Uche Onwunaka, Cat Neville, and Taylor Thomas Logos creates a solid, accurate foundation for the speaker. It compels the audience to listen to him/her because he/she has factual evidence. Why is Logos
the most important? One of the three theories presented by Aristotle in his book Rhetoric. Your audience will expect too highly of you You can't always connect with your audience ex. politicians, teachers... Why it's more important than Pathos? Pathos can be used to blind an audience from the true meaning /consequences behind the speech,
ex. Hitler All about Logos... Aristotle thought that Logos should be the most important of the three but that all three qualities were needed to become a great public speaker. Logos is important because it provides the facts,ideas, and logic behind the speech that make it a speech. Logos is finding the common ground between both the speaker and the audience and connecting to the audience with logical arguments that are easy to follow. What does the audience think? It's easier to to convince people when you have all the facts in front of them. With great logos a speaker will attain even greater Ethos and Pathos with their audience. Logos is the reason behind the argument and
without it, the speaker's claim will fall apart because
it is not validated. A Solid Statement If Logos is lacking, a speaker's statement will be rendered weak and unreliable. When textual evidence is provided, such
as a quote from a book or written
source, the speaker's message is
firm and strong. Without Logos? Why should a speaker
obtain Logos? Arguments A weak argument is easy to reject, while a strong, logical argument is hard to ignore and dispute What makes a successful
speech? A successful speech means making strong arguments, so that the competing argument weaker Because Logos provides legitimate facts, the audience will understand the speech more because it is logical and authentic. The audience will be willing to listen if they have pure, reliable facts to count on since it is more credible. It's also important to make your speech understandable and convincing What is Logos? Logos is the logical part of persuading by the use of reasoning.
This is Aristotle's favorite method to study. The logical aspect of Logos is one of the most appealing to the audience, therefore, without it, you will have a difficult time grasping their attention. The main goal of Logos is to... Make your claim effective
Back up your claims
Provide reason
Support your thesis Logos Logos
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