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Christmas Time

The Detroit Tigers Celebrate Christmas in July!

Jonathon Brooks

on 2 August 2010

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Transcript of Christmas Time

Ideas Planning Outcome Partnerships Attendance Revenue Ticket Package: $4,784 Christmas
In July Tree Farm Donation Tree Lighting Ceremony Decorations Display Group Giveaways Santa from last year called Was he good? Contract Expensive Contacted tree farms
Found one willing to donate Road Block! Park Ops finds me a tree! Charity Partner from last year Contacted Alexandrea National Anthem Brass Bands Publicity!! Charity Aspect Kettle Ringers Ticket Package $28: Ticket, Hot Dog, Chips, Soda, Santa Hat and $5 donation to Salvation Army Social Media E-blast Newsletters Ticket Donation 500 tickets to
Salvation Army
Summer Camps 100 tickets to members
of the Armed forces
and their family Second Annual "Prance Around the Park" Hard to find and expensive Parade Company Entertainment And Decorations Red Kettle Ringers from Salvation Army Elves and Toy Soldiers Santa PAWS Brass Bands St. Paul Lutheran Church Avg. Attendance for Thursday Games this year
30,600 Christmas in July Attendance
34,476 Ticket Package Money Raised for Salvation Army
Ticket Package: $1,040
Red Kettle Ringers: $959.10
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