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Carl Sandburg "Phizzog"

No description

Eli Kalu

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Carl Sandburg "Phizzog"

Carl Sandburg was born on January 6, 1878, in Galesburg, Illinois. He quit school after 8th grade in 1891 and began to work a variety of odd jobs till he began traveling as hobo in 1897. A year later the Spanish American War broke out and he enlisted and went to Puerto Rico. He saw no combat but returned to the U.S. to go to Lombard College. College shaped his literary talents and led him to later get his start in a Chicago newspaper and get become a published Writer.
About The Author
This face you got,
This here phizzog you carry around,
You never picked it out for yourself, at all, at all-did
This here phizzog-somebody handed it to you-am I
Somebody said,”Here’s yours, now go see what you can
do with it.”
Somebody slipped it to you and
it was like a package marked:
“No goods exchanged after
being taken away”-
this face you got.
The title word Phizzog is a noun that means face and is derived from physiognomy.
Other facts
He enjoyed folk music.

His first book was called
In Reckless Ecstasy

He loved adventure and travel.
By Eli Kizzy Kalu
Carl Sandburg "Phizzog"
This face you got,
This here face you wear,
You didn’t pick it-did
This here face-somebody handed it to you-am I
Somebody said,”Here’s yours, now go see what you can
do with it.”
Somebody gave it to you and
it was like a package marked:
“No returns”-
this face you got.
The speaker sounds in the poem sounds like it could be the author, Carl Sandburg, or maybe just another person. The speaker either way comes off as human.
The language the author uses in the poem is pretty simple but sounds dated. The context clues in the poem help define phizzog. He uses repetition at the beginning and the end when he says, "that face you got." The sentence ties together the poems overall message. He also divides the poem up so it reads more like a conversation.
The poem sounds more melancholy. The speakers stating the questioning make it seem to have a less happy or positive tone but more confused or discouraged tone.
The shift in this poem looks like it is at the end when it repeats the sentence "This face you got." This shift reinforces the meaning of thepoem
After analyzing the poem the theme is you have to making the best with what you got. When it talks about how you don't choose what you get but you have to just use it and how he restates there is no changing it for a new one or giving it back.
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