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Tessa Adams

on 1 April 2014

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"Money Makes the World go round", But Does it Really?
Child Stars to Teen Nightmares
Example 1
The Superficial World
Example 2
Why is to much money a bad thing ?
Justin Bieber
Lindsay Lohan
Amanda Bynes
"More money comes more problems."
Making a Difference
Make it equal between rich and poor
Example 3
Even though money may give someone the power to do good things for their community and loved ones, too much money can be a bad thing.
Money = power, and that power can go to peoples heads.
It may not buy happiness but money, especially truckloads of it, does change things. Including filling the holder of the check book with an endless supply of overwhelming power and many more possibilities.
Too much money can also result into getting yourself in a number of bad situations.
People can have a change of heart towards one another and can become selfish and greedy.
Money is not the only thing that has affected these stars, but is definitely a big part of their change in behavior.
When you give someone that already has a fair bit of power over others, such as teen stars. It gives them a scene of arrogance that affects their image in a bad way.
Are looked up to by many younger children, and by the stars acting poorly, they are setting a bad example for others.
Often tend to use and abuse their power and money.
Money can create a superficial world, where people become obsessed by status symbols, like cars, valuables, houses, and possessions.
They can't appreciate what they have, and nothing is ever good enough. People lose their essence of who they are. They just get too caught up in a meaningless game.
People in the world are usually divided in three groups. One that on the top of all is called ‘Rich’, when a person is put in this group, it’s the fact that they have much more money than they need and enough for them to use.
Their should be a balance between all groups, and not such a drastic change.
In many parts of world there are an outrageous amount of people dying from a starvation and poverty. Those people need support within their lives, barely having enough money to live day to day.
If rich people can share what they have, people who are suffering from poverty can be saved from struggling, starvation, and have a can be able to have a happier life.
The possession of too much money ruins the balance between people. If the rich can share what they have, even just a tiny bit from their pockets, you never know on how big of a scale it could change the lives of people who are less fortunate.
money can change things weather it be on the global scale of poverty and daily struggles to live a proper life.
Reckless teenage stars whose bad decisions effect not only them but the people around them. All in all, that is why too much money is a bad thing.
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