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Social Media - Truth@Work - Questions and Answers

No description

Amy Stark

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Social Media - Truth@Work - Questions and Answers

===> 1. iclkrf 2. bokcefoa 3. utbuyoe 4. iiscoulde

5. kndeinli 6. tidred 7. tocreanthi 8. gigd 9. iwtetrt Social Media Ethnographer
Early Twitter Adapter
Public Speaker
Mom Creative Commons
Please Give Credit Where Credit is due
It's the Neighborly thing to do Social Media
Questions and Answers 1. Social Media Fundraising, Brand Management
2. Content gereration Engagement
3. Social Media Content Generation Social Media Brand Management
4. Brand management and Content generation
5. Wow--See items 4 and 5. I don't fully understand what all would be included in the titles. Thanks.
6. SM Content Generation, SM Fundraising
7. Brand Management / Fundraising
8. fundraising - will motivate partners to provide info -content generation - The rub. who does what? Which Two are Most Important?
**Content Generation** **Brand Management**
**Engagement** **Fundraising** 1. It could help attract more stakeholders
2. Maintaining relationships w/ younger supporters
3. Getting our message to the younger audiences
4. connecting with customers and promoting programs. Social media is critical for our success
5. Getting the word out about our services and increasing attendance at events. Increase volunteer and donor base..
6. creating awareness, educating community, sharing event information & upcoming happenings with our NFP organization
7. Could be a good way to recruit mentors or raise dollars.
8. direct connections partners to donors. Able to multiply our contact base.
event planning for summer and vision trips easier than email Social Media Success 1. Taking the time to learn it
Having the time to do it well
2. consistent message through the social media
Feed back from other people viewing our sites
Keeping up with new social media approaches
3. Not taking advantage of its power. Time and experience has been the limiting factor
4. How to be relevant; appropriate time and focus for platforms; how to deal with responses from loud people with impassioned differing values and beliefs.
5. sharing too much information.....staff understanding that this information goes out into who knows where so to be mindful of what is shared
6. No oversight by me - not sure what they are posting or it's benefit for the time.
We have never approved a format or goals for social media usage.
No control over where it goes or who comments, etc...
7. We list links but have no current useful content. Ist this worse than nothing?
who to give access so it thrives but doesn't lose corporate values.
How to multiply contacts not restrict because old guard is in charge! Social Media Concerns Spend More Time Good! BEST Answer Seven Influencers Strategy

Five Most Important Social Media Platforms

Three Most Important Social Media Best Practices 7-5-3 Social Media By The Numbers Awareness Alignment Advocacy Effortless Brand Advocates http://bit.ly/f2uNxB Seven
Influencers Find trustworthy stakeholders already using Social Media
Pick your top seven and focus on them http://twittergrader.com/amystark http://facebook.grader.com/user/elite http://klout.com/ http://www.paul-wakefield.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/AquaticusSocialIcons.jpg Social Media Types Love To Share TOP Three Social Media Best Practices http://clickmailmarketing.com/whitelist/2009/08/17/email-best-practices-for-email-list-growth/ Current Social Media Landscape **Connect with youth.
**Generate awareness to grow and fortify stakeholder relations:
volunteers, donors, connectors, partners.
**Promote/organize/coordinate events, services and programs.
**Educating the community. Time to Learn.
Time to Maintain and be Relevant.
Fear of Change.
Control your Brand.
Deal with Nasty People. Concerns cont'd
We only list links - is that worse than nothing?
Not taking advantage of its power.
Keeping Up! TOP Three Social Media
Best Practices Be Honest
Be Human
Be Giving it would make
me feel good to help please send questions
via twitter to @AmyStark Myspace 4 years
Twitter 3 years
Facebook 2 years Next Shift due at
2:45 on Tuesday No one knows what
the next one will be.
But the news of it
will spread fastest on Twitter We are not taking advantage of its power Staff Collaboration Tool * * * * Simple Strategy ^ ^ ^ Keeping Up 1. Survey Results
2. Basic Strategy
3. Leveraging the Power
4. Hands On Workshop NOT ME Don't be shy, ask really hard questions. Or email me
amy@starkrealitycheck.com * http://www.pewinternet.org/Infographics/2010/Generations-2010-Summary.aspx http://www.pewinternet.org/Infographics/2011/Social-Side-of-the-Internet.aspx NO worst = not securing your brand 1 2 3 4 5 * image retrieved from http://bit.ly/as1c3E Conversation as
Content Fundraising Key to success?
Tap into Influential Social Media Friends Transparency
Gratuity Social Media Principles Beth Raised $215,000 using social media contests. Engagement can be content http://www.colewiebe.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/the-sales-funnel.jpg Cole Wiebe The economy only sucks for ineffective marketers
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