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South Korea!

By:Jenny La

Jenny La

on 31 December 2015

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Transcript of South Korea!

South Korea! How old is your country? Geography! South Korea is located in the East Asia. It is also right between China and Japan. Natural Resources! What are the natural resources located in the country? Technology! What sort of technologies are found? One of Canada's trading partners! Background! South Korea was independence declared on March 1st, 1919. Which makes South Korea 94 years old. Who is your country's leader? Park Geun-Hye is South Korea's leader. She was South Korea's leader since February 25, 2013. She is also at the age of 61 right now , with her birthday being on February 2nd. Where is it located in the world (continent/region)? Time Zone! In which time zone is it located? South Korea's time zone is actually way different from Canada's, South Korea's time zone is 13 hours ahead. For instance if Canada was 3:00pm, South Korea would be 1:00am. Climate and Weather! What is the climate and weather in your country? South Korea has four seasons. Warm,sunny spring weather arrives in April. While for summer it comes from June to September. In July and August the average temperature is 26'c. The only place found cool is at the mountains. January is the coldest month of the year (winter). It is about -9'c in winter. Summer is mostly the rainy season,they receive over 30 inches of rain (76 cm). Humidity is highest in July. South Korea also gets droughts about once a decade. Economy! Who is your country's largest trading partner? South Korea's major trading partners are China, Japan, US, Australia, and EU. Imports! What do they import? South Korea imports many different things. To expand, South Korea imports machinery, electronics and electronic equipment, oil, steel, transport equipment, organic chemicals, and plastic. Exports! What do they export? South Korea has a lot of exports. Some examples would be semiconductors, wireless telecommunications equipment, motor vehicles, computers, steel, ships, and petroleum chemicals. A few natural resources of South Korea is coal, tungsten, graphite, molybdenum, lead, and hydro power potential. Culture! Introduction! Hi, today I will be talking to you about the spectacular country called South Korea. You will be amazed about all the fantastic things about this country! So get ready cause you will be taking a flight to South Korea! Family Life South Korea's family mostly contains a lot of people. Including the dad, mom, kids, grandmother, and grandfather. The men of the house is mostly known as the head of the family. While for the ladies, they are responsible for the household duties. Such as cooking, cleaning, and watching the kids. Although the kids might be little, they still have jobs in the family to. Which is to listen to there elders, behave, and follow their parents steps. Food! Food: South Korea has many types of food. For instance Kimchi (Chili Pickled Cabbage). Kimchi is mostly served with rice and soup. Most soup are made with variety of meats, shellfish, and vegetables. Another type of food that Korean's eat is called Korean Barbecue. This dish is served with lettuce, garlic, peppers, and chili on the side. Most Korean's eat on the floor. Korean's have 3 meals a day, in every meal they have at least 3 side dishes. On special occasion they might even have 6-12 side dishes. Also in the 3 meals the number of side dishes increases each time (breakfast being the least). After they eat, the Korean's drink tea, for the thought of it to be a aid of digestion. Music! Music: South Korea has variety of artists and types of music. Some examples of singers would be SHINee, Big Bang, Girl's Generation, Super Junior, 2pm, EXO, B.A.P, Boyfriend ,PSY etc. The types of music South Korea has is Traditional Korean folk music, Classical, Rock, and Hip Hop. In the past, Korean's even used materials they found such as bamboo, strings, wood, and stones to create musical instruments to play/make music. Traditions! Traditions: South Korea follows many traditions. To expand, Korean's celebrate The New Years on January 1st and 2nd. Another important celebration is called Ch'usok (Korean Thanksgiving Day). Korean's also has a celebration called Buddahs Birthday, which is in May. Another celebration would be Armed Forces Day on October 1st. Games and Sports! Games and Sports: South Korea has a few types of sports and games. One of them would be Mountain Climbing. Since mountains cover up 70% of South Korean, a good climb is never to far away. After all the mountains are low, so any age can go for a hike or climb. Another sport would be Soccer and Baseball. Soccer came to South Korea on 1882, when British Sailors introduced it to the country. While on the other hand, Baseball came to South Korea on 1982. To expand, Archery is also a sport in South Korea. In the earlier times Archery was the one sport that ladies could do without being called "unladylike". Last but not least, South Korea has a sport called Long-Distance running. In 1936, two runners won the gold and bronze medals in the marathon at the Berlin Olympics. Comparison! Compare to Canada: If someone were going to move to your country from Canada, what are 5 things that they would need to know? Clothing! Clothing: South Korea has many different kind of clothing. Men wear a lot of different clothing. Such as a Cheogri, which is a shirt that mostly reaches down to the waist or even lower, and it is also tied across the chest. The man also wears something called a Paji. This is a type of pants that men wear. The Korean's prefer it to be a loose piece of clothing instead of tight. Now for the woman. Woman wears a top called Jeogori, which is a blouse with long sleeves. Woman also wear something called Chima, which is similar to skirts. Now on to the children's clothing. Most children's wears a Cheonbok, which is a long blue vest . They also wear a Bokkeon, which is a black hat with a long tail. Most fabric has patterns and symbols on them. Conclusion! In conclusion, I hope you learned some fascinating facts about South Korea and enjoyed my presentation! So if you were to ever go to South Korea then you would need to at least know these things. The first thing you should know is their language, You won't have to know it fluently, but at least a little. The second thing you should know would be the weather. Now you should know this because South Korea's weather goes form very cold to very hot. Make sure to check the weather forecast every time and to bring the appropriate clothing. The third thing you should know is their table manners. South Korea is very strict about everything being right during their meals. Make sure you know all there expectations and rules about table manners. The fourth thing that you would need to know is Ajumma's. Ajumma's is a Korean word which means old married ladies, and they are sometimes aggressive. or examples they might push you on the subway or yell at you.
The last thing you need to know about South Korea if you are thinking about going there is South Korea doesn't have a lot of clothing or shoe sizes. So if your shoes are beyond 10 1/2 , they have no shoes there for you. South Korea also doesn't have any clothes that are L or XL . So if you are visiting or moving to South Korea, remember all these things and try to accomplish them. Languages Spoken! In South Korea, there is only two languages. Which is Korean, and English. English is rarely spoken , but is still learned and known in South Korea. Languages spoken: Yes = YE
Please = (No direct translation. Has to be used in context.)
Thank you = GAM-SAH HAM-NEE-DA
It is nice to meet you = BAN-GAP SUP-NEE-DA
Take me to my hotel = HOTEL-LO GAP-SEE-DA
Where is the bathroom? = BYUN-SOH UH-DEE-YIP-NEE-GA
How much does this cost? = UL-MA YIP-NEE-GA
Pharmacy = YAK-GOOK
Train = GI-CHAH
Subway = JI-HA-RO
Bus = BU-SS
Street = GIL In this country like many others, they use a lot of technology, for many different reasons. Such as communication, communication is used in their daily lives to talk to each other. Korean's don't go ringing the doorbells every time they want to talk to someone, instead they text or call. That is why phone and computers are in South Korea. One last technology in South Korea would be transportation. There are many different kinds of transportation in South Korea. Some examples would be a car, bus, subway, airplane, etc.
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