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UNIT 13 Website Development

BTEC Level 2-Information Creativity & Technology

A Robinson

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of UNIT 13 Website Development

Learning Aim A: Understand the uses and features of websites
In this unit you will:
UNIT 13: Website Development
2 truths and a lie.

Features of websites
Types of websites
How can user experience of websites be improved?
A. Understand the uses and features of websites.
(P1, M1, D1)
B. Design a website.
(P2, P3, M2, D2)
C. Develop and test a website.
(P4, P5, P6, M3, M4, M5, D3)
D. Review the finished website.
(P7, M6, D4)

What have you
learned today?
Is there anything
you would liked to
focus more on?
Today’s Objectives/Outcomes
By Anjuman Robinson
Stretch and Challenge
Learn at own pace
More time for 1:1 support
Track, Monitor, Assess, Refine
Learning Aims
Understand the uses and features of websites
Identify 2 truths and 1 lie
Why are websites used?
Retain knowledge
By the end of the lesson you will:
LO1: Understand how the unit content will be organised and assessed.
LO2: Explain why websites are used

The Web was invented in 1989 by a British physicist named Tim Berners-Lee

Mark Zuckerberg (born 1984, is said to be the youngest self-made billionaire) lunched FaceBook in his dormitory room while still in Harvard

The oldest, still working .com website belongs to symbolics.com. It was registered way back March 15, 1985.

Unit 13
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