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No description

Brent Simoneaux

on 21 October 2011

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Transcript of Heuristics

Read the abstract.
Now, without looking at the text, summarize what you just read in one sentence.

Skim the introduction and/or conclusion. Find the thesis. Without looking at the text, summarize the thesis in one sentence. Skim the headings and/or topic sentences of the of the body paragraphs. What seems to be the scope of the text? What does the structure seem to be? Let's note some basic information about the text:

Who the author? Where does this person work? What do they do? What else have they published?

Where was the article published? What other articles were included in this issue? What kind of journal is this? What kinds of articles this journal typically publish? Who reads this journal?

What year was this article published in?
Take a look at the bibliography. What types of journals are listed? What years were these articles published?

Skim the titles. Do you see anything you might be able to use in your lit review and/or your final paper? Heuristics {
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