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Literacy Interview with Mom

No description

Nura Muhammad

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Literacy Interview with Mom

By: Nura Muhammad Literacy According to Mom Reading
Knowledge of the world
Technical Skill What is Literacy? A Bit of History Mom's First Encounters "Literacy is not a context-free, value-neutral set of skills: rather, being literate '“has always referred to having mastery over the processes by means of which culturally significant information is coded'” (de Castell & Luke, 1983/1994, p. 374)".
- Kate Williams I was given the opportunity to interview my mom about her literacy experiences, how she's used literacy and technology in her life, and what literacy means to her. But before we begin... Me: Can you tell me about your first reading/writing experience?

Mom: “In kindergarten. Winnie the Pooh? (laughs)” Her mother introduced her to reading and writing

Developed reading first and still prefers it to this day because she's too much of a perfectionist at writing TECHNOLOGY Typewriter
Computer with memory on cassette tape
Computer with word processing software
iPad Does lots of reading
Favorite technology because..
Ease of Use CAREER & LITERACY Me: How has reading and writing affected your career choice?

Mom: “I had to do a lot of reading and writing as an undergraduate. I learn easily reading and hearing, but I’m more visual than I am auditory. Although I do learn from auditory teaching, it takes more effort.” What has she used? Majored in Psychology

Interests in college include student government, French club, skiing and volleyball

Degree in Sworn Translation

Pursuing PhD in Applied Biophysiology

Uses work-related literacy on a daily basis TWO LANGUAGES "The study of words makes the thinking process a lot more efficient. I love the study of words.”
-Raquel Marín Learned to read in English first
Has given her many opportunities
Reads and writes in both languages on a daily basis THANK YOU
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