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Inclined Planes

How you use an incline plane in your everyday life.

brandi farris

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Inclined Planes

The uses and basic facts about inclined planes
INCLINED PLANES U Examples of an Inclined Plane .wheelchair
.sloping roads
.air hammers
.carpenter planes and wedges
.slide The incline plane is an example of a simple machine. It reduces the work needed to get up to a certain place. It changes the force and distance as a oppose to getting up stairs. Inclined planes are necessary for every day life. They help with a lot of things such as helping a person in a wheelchair get up to a higher ground. An inclined plane is a tilted flat surface that is at an angle. The inclined plane and rollers were used in building the pyramids in Egypt. YOUR MOM The inclined plane reduces the force necessary to move a load a certain distance but increases the distance involved so that the work stays the same. Length of incline divided by the height of the incline is how you calculate the mechanical advantage 6m/3m
This is an example of how to calculate it.
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