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Hire With Your Head

No description

Larissa Van Wyk

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Hire With Your Head

Using Performance-based hiring to build great teams
Implementing learned material

make sure that you are addressing "selling points" of position, letting them know what they need to do to be successful

30% PLUS - how do you counsel/market , when do you counsel/market?

Conduct a pilot group

Continue to close - don't offer unless you know the candidate will accept!
Questions/ Discussions
Hire With Your Head
Author: Lou Adler
What did you...
Performance-based Profiles

What needs to be accomplished
Why a top candidate would want the position
Find strongest people in shortest amount of time at lowest reasonable cost
Offer Careers, not Jobs
Talent-Centric Sourcing
10 factor assessment

Integrated Recruiting
Key Takeaways
Importance of performance profiles

Two core interview questions
most significant accomplishment
visualization & problem solving

Always Be Closing
create supply, create demand and gauge candidate interest
create opportunity, present early & often and make candidate earn the right to have it
test offer/secondary close & final offer
Key Takeaways
30% PLUS solution
= Job stretch + job growth
+ $$ increase
+ manager's total involvement

Don't hire level two's (10 factor candidate assessment)
Ignoring gut intuition
30 minute waiting rule
Little/No Value
performance profiles - intake session
Five key steps in evidence based interviewing
Defining success, not skills

Background checks/drug testing
Always conduct reference checks
Hire With Your Head
Streamlined process

Recruiting, interviewing, negotiating, closing should all be continuous
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