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Mobile Industry Intermediaries

About the Intermediaries in the Mobile Industry Value Chain

Anuj Vaidya

on 22 August 2012

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Transcript of Mobile Industry Intermediaries

Mobile Industry - Role of Intermediaries Bulk SMS Services
Companies can send SMS over to multiple customers through a SMS gateway. E.g. Promotional sale alerts sent by a company to all its opted in customers.
Companies can use SMS gateway from MxTelecom and are charged based on volume of SMS sent and for Short code registration fee(if applicable). Premium SMS (reverse billing) Services
Principally a billing mechanism. Customers sends opt in message to a short code number and is billed for availing the services. For e.g. customer sends a message ‘subscribe’ to get football alerts and is billed for the daily service
Companies can use SMS gateway from MxTelecom and can send a reply sms to customers using technical interface or a hosted web application provided by MxTelecom Two Way SMS services
Customers send specified text to a designated short code number and receive content(text, pictures, video ) or participate in survey/competition. Customers are usually charged a premium for individual sms .
Can use technical interface provided by MxTelecom to send receive sms for mobile campaign and also use the content management platform provided to deliver content. For e.g. customers can download wallpapers for the new car by sending a message to the shortcode. Smart Messaging Services
Customers can receive sms which will be more than just a text. For e.g. the sms can contain WAP bookmarks, Ringtones, Logos, Graphics, Pictures, Calendars, Business cards depending on various handsets
Can use the technical interface or hosted platform for content management which provides single application to store, manage, deliver and perform billing for the content delivered to the customer. Supports delivery of Polyphonic Ringtones, Images (wallpapers and screensavers), Audio clips, Video clips and Java Games and Applications.
Content can be ordered via SMS (through the MX Telecom Reverse Billing Service for example), via a WAP site or simple WAP menu, via IVR (utilizing the MX Telecom IVR platform) or integrated with third party systems. Multi Media Messaging Services
Companies can send receive MMS that include text, images, audio, graphics and video. For e.g. each message is complete multimedia presentation which is viewed on any device interface.
Very effective way of delivering ad content and running promotion campaigns. For e.g. an International drinks brand distributed redeemable MMS coupons for a free drink.
Another example could be ‘Sending a zip code by SMS to receive an MMS map with the nearest pampers store’ in the response. Voice Services
Customers can use Voice Telephony Audiotex services including both live and recorded interactive voice services which is integrated with SMS and MMS gateway to trigger messages based on the IVR.
The available technical platform is also integrated with SMS and MMS gateway to deliver text and multimedia content and also to reverse billing service to bill the customer for the service. For e.g. customers can enter answers to questions in the competitions and over the IVR to participate in quiz campaigns. Billing Related Services
Customers can purchase items online by confirming the amount ,mobile number and merchant to the Accredited Payment Intermediary(API). Service providers like MxTelecom are the APIs and apart from settling the payment, it also hosts the on-screen payment pages displayed during the transaction.
The transaction is directly billed to customer’s mobile phone creating a seamless m-commerce experience. Customers receive a confirmation SMS using two way SMS service of the service provider related to the purchase.

Mobile Crediting
Customer can receive mobile credits of monetary value by sending sms to special short codes. The companies can integrate with the ‘Charge To Account’ gateway of the service provider and the service provider takes care of the settlement
Companies can handle customer refunds also using the mobile credit method in case of mobile purchase done by the customers. Application Related Services
Companies can use a number of web-based applications which can store and distribute content through multiple mobile channels.
This can be used as a complete suite of applications as well as specific services like sending bulk sms to customers through a web based API
For e.g. companies can use a suite of applications white can be labelled, fully branded and resold or use just part of the service like sending bulk sms by using a HTTP interface. SMS & MMS Gateways Applications Billing Related Services Voice Services Multimedia Based Services Many Related Service Providers
mBlox – San Francisco based company which deliver and bill for mobile services and content delivery around the world while simplifying the commercial and technical complexities involved. http://www.mblox.com/

mobileStorm – LA based company which provide turnkey, hosted mobile and email marketing platform for email and sms based marketing. www.mobilestorm.com

Qpass – Seattle based company (now part of amdocs) which provides mobile payment platform and also provides services for delivery of mobile content. www.amdocs.com Tell me about this presentation @ http://anujaboutwork.wordpress.com
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