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Indonesian Americans

No description

Kristin Rundle

on 8 February 2018

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Transcript of Indonesian Americans

Indonesian Americans
Historical Events:
View of Education
In Indonesia, it is the law that all citizens take twelve years of education which consists of six years at elementary level and three each at middle and high school levels. Indonesian's view of education is good but the execution is where the country is lacking. There are 55 million students, 3 million teachers and more than 236,000 schools in 500 districts making Indonesia the world’s fourth-largest education system. This sounds promising, but in reality for every 100 students who enter school, only 25 will come out meeting the minimum international standards in literacy and numeracy. Over the past few years, there has been an increase in discussion about the educational system.

Teaching Strategies
For students that are from Indonesia originally and are entering the American school system as college students there is a good chance that they are going to need help writing. Learning a new language and speaking it growing up while in Indonesia is one thing, but being thrown into an all American school is different. The Indonesian schools do not do a lot of writing like here in America. Another teaching strategy would be trying to get that student to participate in class discussion because that is something they are not used to. That is something to keep in mind as a teacher because a lot of times, there is not discussion based learning in Indonesia.
Book: The Year of the Rat
I read The Year of the Rat by Grace Lin which is a book about a young Chinese girl that faces many challenges. Throughout the whole story, there is a connection to "the year of the rat" which means "change" in the Chinese New Year. The book does a really good job of displaying Chinese culture in American schools and communities. In the story, the main character Pacy has to deal with school without her best friend that moved to California.

A banyan tree that shields from tropical summer sun
A symbol of selfless love and sacrifice
A preserver of values that modernism has shun
No praise is enough, no gratitude suffice

Her love for her children is like blossom of springs
An angel she appears, a fairy she seems
It’s a symphony for ears, the lullaby she sings
The lullaby that drifts you in the valley of dreams

A teacher, a guide, a philosopher, a friend
An architect, a builder of beauty and grace
A garden of roses that fragrance send
Serenity of a lake where ducklings race

She suckles her babies with white blood of breasts
The hearts yearn for her bosom’s paradise
She strains every nerve, sacrifices her rests
Burning midnight oil with sleepy eyes

The special mothers that God has blessed
Maryam, Khadija, Fatema and Asiya
Women par excellence, mothers at best
Whether in Africa, Asia or the West

Mothers are an oasis in the desert of life
Their love and passion isn’t for display
Chained to the oar in your perils and strife
A shower of rain on a hot summer day
Poetry was not used in Indonesia up until the 20th Century so it is still very new when compared the the United States. I chose this poem because it was written by Mohammad Yamin who was one of the first Indonesian poetry writers. He wrote this poem for his mother who passed away when he was only 12 years old. I liked what he had to say about his respect for all mothers of the world in his dedication which is another reason why I chose this poem.
Flowers burst into bloom,
Loving life because of You;
Love spreading like flowers in my heart
Filled it with the fragrance of blossoms, and their dust.
Life is a dream, something
Played behind a screen, and I,
Now dreamer, now dancer, am pulled
In and out of existence.
"So the bright leather puppet shines
His shadow on the screen, bringing us a world
Of emotions. The longing heart follows;
Two souls join, fuse.
"I am a puppet, you are a puppet,
To please the puppeteer as he runs through his song;
We glance at each other, out on the open screen,
For as long as the one melody lasts.
"Other bright-coloured dolls take their turn;
You and I are laid in our box.
I am a puppet, you are a puppet,
To please the puppeteer running out his rhymes."
Because of You

I chose this poem by Amir Hamzah because he was a major Indonesian poet during the 1930's. Poets during this time were considered the "new poets" because of a rise in publicity thanks to a magazine called "Poedjangga Baroe". This magazine featured works of younger writers. The biggest reason I chose this poem was because I thought that it sounded like a beautiful love poem that described the way people in love make eachother feel.
Nyai Roro Kidul by Basuki Abdullah
I chose this painting because Basuki Abdullah was an Indonesian painter who converted from Roman Catholicism to Islam. A lot of his paintings could be classified as realism and he has been featured in the Indonesian National Gallery. I like the blue and green tones of his paintings and a lot of his work and Indonesian art in general reflects nature in some way.
This type of music is called The Gamelan which is the national instrument of Indonesia. It is a smaller version of an orchestra and is made up of 50 to 80 instruments usually. It is made up of assorted bells, gongs, drums, and meallophones. Gamelans are very important to the Java, Bali, and Lombok cultures and are often used in shadow puppet plays. This is important because onf of Indonesia's favorite forms of traditional entertainment are puppet plays. This music is also played at special occasions like weddings and other important events.

The Gamelan
Dilema by Cherry Belle
Dilema is a pop-culture song in Indonesia and it had a lot of views on YouTube which made me think that a lot of Indonesian people must like her music. I thought that it was interesting that there were some of the words in English that I could understand but also a lot of Indonesian as well. I chose this because it reminded me of American culture and I saw a connection between the two because of the music video on YouTube.
Similarly to the US, there is a wide range of education because of finances in Indonesia. For the students that can afford resources, education is a lot more advanced when compared to communities that are not as financially stable. There is also a problem when it comes to students with special needs. The government has given families with special needs two options: to enroll at special-needs schools or find schools that have inclusive programs. The problem is that these schools usually do not have the correct resources to adequately teach the students.
Some characteristics to be aware of for Indonesian students are that their critical thinking skills may be a lot lower than the average American student. For example, there was a study that compared the critical thinking skills of third year Indonesian university students with those of American middle schoolers. They found that the Indonesian students’ scores were lower. Other studies that explored Indonesian education report less than satisfactory academic results.

Learner Characteristics of 'Asian' EFL Students: Exceptions to the 'Norm' (PDF Download Available). Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/27464183_Learner_Characteristics_of_%27Asian%27_EFL_Students_Exceptions_to_the_%27Norm%27 [accessed Jan 23 2018].

I chose this painting by Christine Ay Tjoe because she is one of the most influential female artists in Indonesia. She started out as graphic designer but started experimenting with other techniques. She tries to embody the struggle, pain, and also happiness that reflects her personality and personal life.

Christine Ay Tjoe
Laskar Pelinga which is translated as "The Rainbow Troops" in English is about a group of 10 students and two teachers that are very inspiring for them. They are all struggling with poverty throughout the movie. Eventually they develop hopes for the future in Gantong Village on the farming and tin mining island of Belitung off the east coast of Sumatra. This movie was one of the top grossing movies in Indonesia and has won a variety of awards.
Movie: Laskar Pelangi
Habbie and Ain
Habibie & Ainun is a 2012 Indonesian drama based on the memoir written by the 3rd President of the Republic of Indonesia, Bacharuddin Habibie about his wife, Hasri Habibie. The movie is about their love story and what it was like for them both, having their own separate dreams. It follows the story of how they met and the struggles their relationship faces throughout the years.
Current Events
Immigration to America for Education
In 1953 the American universities started providing scholarships for medical faculty members of the University of Indonesia to study at the University of California at Berkeley. In 1956, the University of Kentucky also started giving out scholarships. This is when a lot of the students started immigrating to the states for schooling.
Immigration Today
In the 1960's immigrants started really coming into the US because of some strife in Indonesia.The immigration wave was short lived, however, due to the rapid reestablishment of peace in Indonesia and the limitations imposed by U.S. immigration. More recent Indonesian immigrants have come to the United States for economic and educational reasons. Overall, the number of Indonesians entering the United States is pretty low compared to Chinese and Japanese. Most of the Indonesian American population lives in the larger cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Chicago due to employment opportunities.

Currently, there are about 14,000 refugees in Indonesia that are looking to settle. Those refugees currently residing in Indonesia face the obstacle that the United States and Australia, the two main resettlement destinations for refugees, have put in place more intense immigration policies, further decreasing their already long odds. The Trump administration is planning to cap the number of global refugees allowed to immigrate to the United States at 40,000 for 2018 which is low compared to other years.

Indonesia is located in "the ring of fire"
In Jakarta, Indonesia, a strong earthquake struck off the main island of Indonesia. It rocked buildings in the capital and send the majority of people into a panic. There were no reportsof injuries or fatalities, but there was quite a bit of destruction.

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