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SomeTime: A Brief Introduction

Ask. Explore. Discover.


on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of SomeTime: A Brief Introduction

SomeTime Ask. Explore. Discover. SomeTime is a cojourner experience-- a time dedicated to exploring the spiritual backstories of our friends. It's about taking interest in others. It's about asking questions. It's about seeking to understand the faith journeys of our friends. During this cojourner experience you will be asking friends...

And during that conversation (or in a next one), ask if you can meet to hear his or her story.

That's it. I'm serious. It's really that simple. Every person is on a spiritual journey. Life has been viewed as a journey as far back into history as literature takes us.

It's a universal concept. Joining others in their spiritual and life journey is one of the world's greatest needs and greatest privileges. Perhaps you've had the privilege of participating in a friend's life journey as Jesus was transforming his or her life. It's a truly remarkable experience. Unfortunately, even though many of us desire to "cojourn" in the spiritual journeys of our friends, insecurity, fear, and not knowing where to start often prevent us. But here is a way forward. It's called "SomeTime."

SomeTime is a guide designed to help get past some of these obstacles through a few simple, doable steps. SomeTime seeks to create a space for joining others in their spiritual and life journey through planned conversations. SomeTime | Ask. Explore. Discover. "You can't guess where people are at spiritually. You have to discover it." "Sometime I'd like to hear more about your spiritual journey... Would you be up for that?"
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