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WILLY WONKA and the chocolate factory and Dante's Inferno Ch

No description

Amanda DiMarco

on 9 December 2015

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Transcript of WILLY WONKA and the chocolate factory and Dante's Inferno Ch

Charlie Bucket is a poor boy whose family begin to lose all hope when his dad loses his job.
Him and four other children find golden tickets and are invited to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.
As they descend through the factory, each child one by one succumbs to their own temptations and poor behaviors and get what they deserve.
Charlie is the only "good boy" and is left at the end of the journey. He is rewarded the entire factory, so him and Willy ascend up a glass elevator and fly to pick up Charlie's family.
Charlie Bucket
Augustus Gloop
Veruca Salt
Obsessed with beating a world record for gum chewing
Represents the opportunists because she's always thinking about her self and not the good of the community
Punishment: chews a piece of gum that turns her into a human blueberry
Contrapasso because she chews gum and literally turns the color violet
Willy Wonka
Charlie and the chocolate factory Compared To Dante's Inferno
Charlie and the chocolate factory short summary
Dante's Inferno Short Summary
Dante the poet is lost in his life and meets his mentor/guide who will descend through Hell with him.
Through his journey, he is taught what type of sinners each level of Hell holds and the punishments they endure.
He and Virgil make it all the way through the ninth circle and climb up Satans body back to Earth.
Virgil character
Guides Charlie through factory
Teaches parents how their kids should act
Dante character
Takes the journey through the factory
Only "good boy" and because of that is rewarded with the factory and knowledge on how to behave by Willy
Represents the Gluttons
Punishment: falls into the chocolate river
because he is submerged and sucked in by the chocolate since he sucks in the chocolate himself
Like Cerberus in Canto 3 of Dante's Inferno, Augustus looks to only devour food.
Spoiled brat
Represents Avarice, exessive greed
Punishment: falls into the "bad egg" trash chute because she wants a golden goose and can't have it
Contrapasso because she is a spoiled girl and is collected in the trash chute for bad eggs.
Violet Beauregarde
Mike Teavee
Violence against self
He wants so badly to be inside the T.V. that he doesn't think about the harm he's putting himself in.
Punishment: Shrinks and transported into a T.V.
Contrapasso because he is the tv wtcher and he actually gets stuck into the screen of one.
Teach you how to act
Both works are comedies
The Factory and Hell both have many levels
Both stories have the same purpose which is to show you how you should behave.
Willy Wonka warns each childs parent that the children are not behaving correctly before each one is punished by the factory
In Inferno, Virgil shows Dante the reasons and the punishments for all of the sins where Dante begins to realize he should not commit these or he will end up in Hell as well.
Both Stories end well
In Inferno
Dante gets out of Hell with new knowledge on how he can get himself to Heaven.
Charlie Bucket is rewarded for his good behavior and him and his family earn the opportunity to own the factory and live there.
Both The Chocolate Factory and Hell have many different levels that represent the downfall of man.
In Inferno
In the fourth circle out of nine in Inferno, Dante describes the place for the greedy, "Here I saw people more numerous than before, on one side and the other, with great cries rolling weights by the force of their chests" (Durling and Martinez 113).
The Oompa Loompas
Although both stories purposes are to show you how to behave, Roald Dahl takes Dante's idea and makes it more about good behavior for a kid.
These characters act as manners
In the Chocolate Factory, there is the golden goose room where it sends bad eggs down the trash chute if deemed that way. Veruca Salt belongs in this level because she is a greedy brat.
River styx, the Acheron, and the ferry boat
In CATCF, Wonka takes the visitors through a tunnel on a ferry boat where he rambles off some song that seems to make no sense.
It's a direct connection to a chant said by Charon and Phylegas when they gave Dante and Virgl a ride on their boats
Acheron- Charon
Styx- Phylegyas
"Woe to you, wicked souls! Never hope to see the sky: I come to lead you to the other shore, to the eternal shadows, to heat and freezing. And you who are over there, living soul, seperate yourself from these here, who are not dead" (Durling and Martinez 59).
"The eternal fire that burns within it makes them glow red, as you see in this lower Hell" (Durling and Martinez 131).
Works Cited
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Alighieri, Dante, Robert M. Durling, and Ronald L. Martinez. The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri. New York: Oxford UP, 1996. Print.
Chocolate Factory Structure
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