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halo wars

No description

Ben McCafferty

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of halo wars

Halo 3 O.D.S.T
Halo 3
Halo Combat Evolved
The start of the halo story you are Master Chief Petty Officer John - S117, on the damaged pillar of autumn. The ship comes out of slip space and is attacked by the covenant. After a long and hard fight S117 escaped the planet with Cortana a neural implant in chiefs armor.
Halo 2
halo wars
Released on February 27, 2009 halo wars was the first halo set as a strategy game as well as being the earliest set of the halo story line
In the story you return to the the early years of the war between the covenant and the UNSC. Captain Cutter on the UNSC ship "Spirit of fire"along with Sergeant John Forge in charge of investigating a covenant outpost but find out their master plan, will they be able to stop the covenant before they destroy everything?
Released in November 15, 2001 Halo C.E. You play as a "SPARTAN"(the super soldiers of the UNSC) United Nation Space Command. The SPARTAN project was designed to make soldiers to defend earth from a hostile alien race called the the Covenant.
Halo 4
Released on November 9, 2004
halo 2 was the best selling first generation game after selling 6.3 million copies
In this halo you play as S117 (master chief) and as the arbiter (covenant Elite). Earth is attacked by the covenant while S117, Sergeant Johnston and Miranda Keyes move to another planet installation like halo to stop its activation, Johnston and Keyes gets captured by the Arbiter and S117 Meets a flood leader but after betrayal from the prophets the Arbiter meets S117 by the same flood leader
Halo Combat evolved anniversary
Halo 5
Realest in 26 November 2007
This game is continuation with halo 2.
In this game master chief lands in Africa he finds Johnston and the arbiter, after fighting there way though the covenant with a plan to stop the covenant once and for all but the prophet escapes with his men. S117 and UNSC troops follow and find he has a master plan to activate all the halos at the same time remotely, Johnston is captured and Keyes is killed trying to save him. with help for the flood chief stops the
prophet. On the return trip the slip space portal closed
leaving chief and Cortana behind in the back end of
forward unto dawn. Chief goes into cryogenic sleep telling
Cortana "wake me when you need me".
Halo forward unto dawn
Halo 3 O.D.S.T. was released 22, September 2009
New squad member Dare
The first halo film to be made
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