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Chia-Wei Liang

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Casino

Casino in Matzu ? Review 1. A casino is a facility which houses and accommodates certain types of gambling activities.

2. Casinos are most commonly built combined with hotels, restaurants, retail shopping, cruise ships or other tourist attractions.
3. Significant sites: The Cons The Pros What is casino? For Us... Monte Carlo Monaco


Casinos in the United States Conclusion The cons of Casino There are almost 900 casinos now in the United States, with that number steadily growing as more states seek to legalize casinos. 38 states now have some form of casino gambling. Relatively small places such as Las Vegas are best known for gambling The positive side Government and charities are the largest benefactors, using the money for “the things we all look for and value in our society — education, health care, roads,”

“you can't have the convention centre and other features without a casino” However…. Don't call your mother
'Cause now we're partners in crime
Don't be a baby

Shut up and put your money where your mouth is

That's what you get for waking up in Vegas

Get up and shake the glitter off your clothes now

That's what you get for waking up in Vegas “there’s often a significant financial loss to the community”

In cities that legalize gambling, the crime rate often shoots up.

A rise in bankruptcies often follows the legalization of gambling. The negative side What about Casino in Matsu? Nothing ready for Matsu casino plan except votes? good example from Sentosa workers here? airplane? Voices from people... "When you see the land where you grew up become a 'cold establishment' and your hometown is notoriously dubbed 'the island of gambling,' would you not feel sad?" Matsu’s future - Social benefits

- Economic benefits Taiwan's situation - Gambling Addiction

- Social Effects

- Economic Effects

- Environmental Effcts Taiwan’s Situation Taiwan's situation The pros of Casino Penghu The cons of Casino Casinos can indeed bring fun and entertainment but it also poses some danger.

Excessive gambling may become risky.

Any benefits of casinos comes with social, economic and environmental costs. Argument “More greed, more gamble”

No matter you win or lose, you will develop intense attachment to gambling.

Unconsciously let the game steal some if not all of your cash.

Divorce, child neglect and suicides are products of gambling addictions. Gambling Addiction Pathological gambler

Pathological gamblers are to a great extent more likely to be violent with their spouses and maltreat their children.

The suicide rates for problem gamblers are considerably higher than it is for the common population. Social effects Penghu Street crime

Casinos will boost burglary, car theft, robbery, rape, drug and prostitution .

“Crime rates in case of communities to be 84
percent higher than the nationwide average.” Social effects Street crime

According to the estimates
“Between 5.5% and 30% of the different crimes in casino countries can be attributed to casinos.”

“ 8.6% of property crime and 12.6% of violent crime in counties with casinos was due to the presence of the casino. ” Social effects Preys on poor people

Wealthier people gamble for entertainment, but the vast majority of suckers going to casinos are lonely poor senior citizens and those who think they can hit it rich. Social effects Takes from local businesses

Atlantic City, the second state opens tourism casino in America, during four years’ running, one-third of local retails and stores are closed. (Hamer, 1984)

A study shows that thirty eight shop owners think their business getting worse because of the casino opening; however, only ten percent think casino does help the business. Economic effects No New Businesses / Lost Productivity

Introducing casinos not only causes gambling monopolization but also makes local economy become more dependent on the revenue from casinos. (Stokowski, 1996)

Local businesses may disappear soon if the relevant recourses are shortage or even exhausted. Economic effects Increased Bankruptcy Rates

Atlantic City gets the highest bankruptcy rates in New Jersey, which is 75 percent higher than the average rates of the state. (SMR Research Corporation, 1997)

Loan sharks business will definitely enjoy a boom while bankruptcies will increase. Economic effects
Many casinos have been constructed on the coastal environment, which raises numerous concerns regarding the ecological impact of casinos on the health and sustainability of the coastal areas. Environmental Effects Though casinos may bring some benefits to the local at the beginning years, some studies show that the crime rate and bankruptcy rate has significant rising in the following three or four years. On September 26th, 2009, Penghu became the first
county to vote for casinos Result ----------> Legislator Lin who helped pass
the law failed this time Penghu Lieyu(Kinmen County) Lieyu(Kinmen County) Lieyu(Kinmen County) Matzu A study which focuses on the perspective of residents shows they really expect the casinos can bring more tourists, while the potential threat to the environment and society is their higher concern( Tsai&Shiue 2010 ) The local county government held the vote without careful plan for both the residents and donators It shows that 70% of the Lieyu residents agrees with the casino This vote can only be regarded as a intention survey Like people in Penghu, they worry the social impact more than the economic benefit For those who have higher income, wish to build the casino far away the urban area Matzu Matzu Matzu Reviews & Prospects Reviews & Prospects The reasons for embracing casinos :
(a) For better transportation system
(b) To boost local economy and living condition
(c) For the tax revenue
(d) Wish to draw more Chinese tourists’ interests Cons:
(a) It’s weather and Mountainuous terrain
(b) Transportation is still a big problem and the construction
of international airport requires many money
(c) The beautiful and primitive eco-system will be violated
by too much human being’s intervene Now 1.The obvious pros of the gambling arena 1. individuals

A way of recreational outlet
obtaining some abstract prize or self-confidence
Consumers regard it as a way to entertainment .Purchasing gambling is the same as to purchase a ticket to cinema. Social benefits From the perspective of libertarianism, the basic and fundamental right of entertainment cannot be deprived by any methods.
Furthermore, as a way to enjoy, it cannot be judged as a dirty or evil trade. Many gamblers have their self esteems as well. It is not a property or privilege. Social benefits 2. other benefits

Relieve the tensions from daily work. It does not differ from playing some other sports.
Offer you a feeling as being in your own home through the comfortable services. Social benefits 1. employment Economic benefits 2. tax revenue 3. tourism Take Canada for an example

1. Between 1992 and 1999, employment in the gaming industry increased from11,900 to 39,200, an increase of 330 percent Some specific statistics 2. the provincial tax burden in Alberta (a city in Canada) was $214 less per person in 1995 because of gambling proceeds.

3. In 1998, Casino Windsor( a famous arena between Canada and the U.S ) generated gross revenues of $515.1 million and had an average of 13,000 visitors a day. Canada Many gambling operations provide funding to cultural and non-profit organizations, stimulating the development of the local culture. Some other benefits 1. Macao(China)
Most illustrious gambling city in Asia. Some typical examples Future?! 2. Las Vegas (U.S.)
The paradise of the gamblers from worldwide 3. Atlantic city (U.S.)
Another famous gambling city in the U.S. In general, gambling industry plays a vital role in these regions or areas. Its dominent position in the development of history has influenced the value of the citizens. Their contributions are gorgeous with applaud of worldwide tourism. The formal Act of Casino is still not passed in the Congress, so the casino industry is not legalized yet
Unlike national-level referendum, local referendum doesn’t require the 50% vote rate
Avoid the political bribe, inducing or forcing

Trying to find an appropriate way to promote its
own uniqueness Economic benefits Economic benefits Moral Argument Utilitarianism Maximizing happiness and reducing suffering Comparison : Anti v.s Pros

Tax revenue , employment, tourism

Get some constructions - transportation, entertainment , department stores …. Comparison : Anti v.s Pros
1. The loss of the original culture of the island

2. The Crime and the rape, the addiction of gambling (social problem)

3. The single-product economy What is your opinion ? Do you think the casino is really worthy to what you pay for ? Libertarianism
Shortage of economic, resource, construction, education, industry.

Q1.Does Government pay attention on the citizens off-shore island?

Q2. if the casino is really accessible to the off-shore island, residents can really get the profit comes from it ? We have to overcome….. 1. Macau- Big and Powerful opponent

2. Limited developments

3. economic depression all over the

4. conservative tradition Ask yourself twice !! Can you really accept the opportunity cost ?

Can every resident’s right be guarantee ?

Casino in Taiwan can really be successful ? any activities  measured in terms of the value of the next best alternative forgone OPPORTUNITY COST- You win some; you lose some Benefit- However, we should “ “ one of the concept: to protect everyone’s right in order to get the maximum happiness “Communities should be planned with an eye to the effect on the human spirit of being continually surrounded by a maximum of beauty.”
- Thomas Jefferson Pay for Matzu vs. Macao ? - City scale

- City tourism

- Future development 2002, the Congress passed offshore island development act amendments
January 12th, 2009, the Congress passed the casino regulations
For the time being, there have been two offshore counties tried the vote 2002, the Congress passed offshore island development act amendments
January 12th, 2009, the Congress passed the casino regulations
For the time being, there have been two offshore counties tried the vote Taiwan’s Situation
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