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Copy of Social, who me?

Social media

Yvonne Turner

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Social, who me?

You Tube

Blogs Wordpress
Blogger My blog-log
Technorati Video's Profiles Facebook
MySpace Microblogs Twitter
Pownce Life casting and they're all connected Pictures Flickr
myphotoalbum Share Ch. 16 & 17
Setting Limits: Our Actions & Following Through Ch. interaction feedback relationships content Tags Comments Ratings Netvibes
iGoogle Collaboration wikipedia
wiki's (PB, Wetpaint)
Body Language NOT controlled
NOT organized Aggregators Students or Teacher - Who's in Charge? all this is done more and more; listen understand conversation Pseudo Teacher Pleasers Book Posers Repentant Angels -"The smiley face" Who Me? Pencil Posers Pseudo Scholars
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