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Welcome to Ms. Maier's Music Class!

No description

Jenny Maier

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to Ms. Maier's Music Class!

Welcome to
Ms. Maier's
Music Class!

I am so excited to see you in music this year! We will be singing, dancing, and playing many different instruments!
But first, let me introduce myself...
I'm Ms. Maier
and I will be your teacher
this year :)
I grew up with my parents and my sister in Johnson City, TN (about an hour from here).
I Play piano, flute, and I sing.
I also really, really, REALLY love to dance.
My Classroom rules are very simple:

Cooperate with your classmates

keep a positive attitude

Respect others and the instruments

put effort into your work
and most of all....

about your classmates and your actions

At the beginning of every class, the letters

are above the board.

Every time there is a disruption, or it takes too long to settle down, a letter is flipped over (so it is blank).

If there are ANY letters left over at the end of class, you get a
in your class's cup.
Monsters in your cup, and your whole class gets a day where you only play games in music class.
Now lets get started with all the fun we are going to have this year!
That is all!
If we are working on assignment individually or in small groups and you finish early,
Grab a Book or a puzzle from the crates by the door and work silently while we wait for others to finish
This is my cat Olive!
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