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Digestive Systems of: Earthworms,Frogs, and Squids

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victoria henderson

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of Digestive Systems of: Earthworms,Frogs, and Squids

The Earthworm
The digestive system starts at the head and goes all
the way down to the end of the tail. The decaying
food goes in the
(a organ that helps the
worm suck soil in through the
). The food then
goes through the
After that, it enters a thin-walled storage organ for
food, the
. Then, the food goes to the gizzard
(a thick-walled organ that grinds soil into a pulp). From
, food goes through the
that runs
the whole length of the worm's body. The
releases castings, undigested soil, and mineral particles.
The Frog
The digestion system functions are chemical and
mechanical breakdown of nutrients. The frog has many
organs that take up most of its abdominal cavity.
Beginning at the mouth, the frog has a sticky tongue that
it catches its prey with.
The whole prey (food) is then pushed down to the
The food goes from the esophagus to the
. Following
in the
small intestine
where the nutrients are absorbed. After
that, the food is lead to a narrow point where the small intestine meets
the large intestine. The
large intestine
then adsorbs water and collects the waste, and ends at the
The Squid
The squid's digestive system is in a form
that loops. Food enters the
, where
the black
chitinous beak
tears the prey into
pieces. The food is then moved through the
. Then, it travels to the
which is a very muscular organ and
primary site of chemical and physical digestion. The stomach is
attached to the
, where the food is stored
( where nutrients are absorbed). This processes is passed through
most of the body length, before it loops back and goes through the

Both squids and frog's digestive system involves chemical and physical.
All 3 animals digestive system takes up most of the space of their bodies.
All 3 animals food stars at the mouth and ends with the anus.
Digestive Systems of:
Earthworms ,Frogs, and Squids

Victoria Henderson
Biology: Unit 3
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