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Staging from Development to Production in MODX Revolution

A technique for managing site changes that allows major modifications with minimal disruption to the live site.

Eli Snyder

on 16 July 2015

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Transcript of Staging from Development to Production in MODX Revolution

Data Export Staging from Development to Production in MODX Revolution Production Development Modify in Production Modify in Dev Content Characteristics Strategy Dynamic
Can't break site Modify continuously live
Copy to dev as needed
Keep presentation and logic data out! Resources
Template variable values
Data in Extras (e.g. Gallery)
User data Logic &
Presentation Characteristics Strategy Relatively static
Modified by developer/admin
Changes break site Modify in dev cycles
Package for transport to production
Keep content data out! Templates
Static files (e.g. CSS)
Extras Transport Package Normal Operation Content managers modify, create and move resources, and add data to extras in the manager
Front-end users perform actions that modify their user profile and related data
Version control with VersionX Preparing for Launch Content changes
Add/modify data in TVs
Add/modify data in Extras
Architecture changes Prepare Data for Export Export Database Copy Files Shell - use command line or cron job (you have backups, right?)
No shell - use PHPmyAdmin or other database tool Shell - tar files and use wget
No shell - use SFTP Setup Import Database
Extract files
Change paths
Install MODX as if upgrading http://rtfm.modx.com/display/revolution20/Moving+Your+Site+to+a+New+Server Modifications Create new templates, chunks etc.
Modify presentation and logic
Minimal content modifications to avoid redundancy
Test test test! Package "theme" for transport Create transport package Advanced Version Control Templates, chunks, snippets, and files - use PackMan
Custom DB tables - use MyComponent or roll your own Keep everything in files and use static elements
Use Git, Subversion etc. for version control for the files Launch! Install transport package
Change templates - use Batcher
Test test test!
Rinse and repeat (optional)
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