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Prezi Research Project

No description

Brandon Conley

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Prezi Research Project

History of the Great Wall of China! Who built the Great Wall of China? When and why? The Great Wall was first built in the 7th centery B.C. When China was still divided into small states. After the unification of china in 221 B.C The first emperor of Quin Dynasty linked the walls of the three states in the north and formed the first "Wan Li Chang Cheng." The great wall was rebuilt, modified or extended through out China and was built from the expanded in the 3rd centery until the beginning of the 17th centery, in order to protect, dynasties from raids by monglo, Turkic, and other nomatic tribes coming from areas in modern day. How long did it take to build the great wall of Chaina? The first wall could be refered to as the Great Wall was completed by the first emperor of China, Quin Shi Huang, in the span of nine years. (Sometime between 221B.C-206B.C.) But he did so by connecting and expanding sections built by several kindoms during the spring of Autum period. How was the Great Wall of China defended? The Great Wall of China included watch towers on forts which could house the soldiers, grain, and wepons. Beacons could enable the passing of messages quickly along the wall. Special weapons were developed to enable the wall to be defended against attack, replicas of which are on display on the Modern Day Wall. At one time is is thought that up to 1million soldiers were stationd along the length of the wall. After the unification of China in the beginning of the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC), the China's first emperor, Qin Shihuang (you must have heard of his Teracotta Army), linked the walls of the three states in the north (Qin, Zhao and Yan). This formed the first "Wan Li Chang Cheng" (ten thousand li Great Wall, li is a Chinese unit of length, 2 li = 1 km). dsafas A Ming emperor ordered a new wall built in 1449 A.D. in order to defend against Mongol invasions. That wall was far more durable and continues to stand today, though much of it is now in poor condition. The Ming wall took between 200 and 300 years to build, but most of the fortifications were completed by 1505. It helped that the wall was built to link the existing fortifications, built from 1372 to 1382. dsfg The Great Wall of China was defended primarily by archers. Since it was too expensive to keep the Wall perpetually manned, sentries along the length of the walls in use served to warn against impendin... asdf
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