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Personal learning environment

Ashleigh Reeves

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of PLE

Emma Sella Vikki Steffi Katie
Nutrition Endocrinology Panic Partners Katie and Steffi = Nutrition learning resources,
both are very organised and know what they are doing! Emma and Caraline= online Endocrinology help Vicki and Sella= last port of call Caraline
Personal Learning Environment navigation General knowledge Other sources English Although wikipedia is somewhat dubious in its content,
the general idea is easy to understand and at least if
the person knows nothing about it, they will gain an insite
to the topic The text is easy to understand and if it's medically based
will have words underlined that can be clicked on and read further. This is the case for any subject listed The text will direct you to the sources used which will commonly be more reliable sources. It also has listings at the bottom which can be clicked on if the reader has any further interest in the related topics Easy to find, and easy to use! VLE Access to Tutors Learning resources Lecture notes Links Past exam papers This is where most of the content
of the lectures can be found The tutors often post
useful links here, A lot of the lecture notes can be
found here, also notes that the lecturers
type up for extra reading Medscape Easy to use Search engines history wide variety of topics News topics Medscape features up to date
news about epidemics and pandemics
and features articles which have
relevance to what is happening right now
i.e. at the moment swine flu is on the website We use facebook to send each
other the lecture notes after typing
them up in class It's a good way to keep in
touch and constantly update
our lecture notes Mostly we keep the chat light, but
seeming as we are studying nutrition...... YUMMY! We use facebook to keep in
touch about our time tables and
we are online support for each other
A little lecture notes and slides
discussed just before the exams Facebook is usefull for sending
links and having open discussions
via the messaging system Hotmail Facebook is our last line
of survival before the exam Mainly used to panic and
fret each other (unknowingly) Last minute rants and help We also use facebook to
contact each other late at night
before a paper is due...just in case
the other person is sleeping. Dr C Bowmer Very nice man Holds extra lessons Puts usefull tit bits of information
on the VLE. And puts up ways to do
graphs Tutors leave feedback and
messages on the VLE Any extra help that they give
us gets posted on as an 'announcement'
which we can read...or not (I always do!) The content of any extra
links get posted here
Personal tutors post
meeting times Google Jeeves Yahoo hotmail Msn messenger is used
much like facebook chat Msn is used to email
help from other students When signing into msn,
science topics often make
the news.
The search is useful too! Cell biology videos
are available here. Good for revision easy to navigate Wide variety as different
people can post different videos The videos often have
commentary with it Links can be posted
on facebook Medscape is easily
accessible to the
general public
and comes up regularily
in search engines Access to information Contains news feeds which
are updated everyday Contains google images references the links
at the bottom the site is the
number 1 search engine
in the world
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