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Present simple and Continuous

No description

Anamarija Štulina

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Present simple and Continuous

Present Simple and Continuous
In academic writing and speaking, the primary use of the present tense is for factual descriptions.
• Almost a billion people [are speaking]
Mandarin, the official language of the People's Republic of China.
• When you
a substance, its particles
faster, and so
more frequently.

This includes:

2. Describing processes (often in the passive in academic English) or giving instructions (in the active)
• The fabric
, and
into patterns.
• Then you
the fabric,
it, and
into patterns.

3. Summarizing and reporting the main arguments of other academics.
• Steele
that survivors of tragic events often undergo periods of guilt.
4. Talking about the plots of books, films, etc.
• "Brooklyn" by Colm Toibin
the story of Ellis Lacey, a young woman who
is sent
by her family from Ireland to the USA to get a good job.
The Present Continuous
The present continuous is used to describe events or actions that are happening at the moment (now and around now). These might be continuous events/actions or a series of regular events/actions.
• Kayston plc
is advertising
for a new CEO, after Hugh Alexander's sudden departure.
• Chinese construction companies
are securing
a number of major contracts to rebuild Ethiopia's infrastructure.

They include temporary situations and trends in society or the world around us.
Kingston Enterprises, which
from premises in Wandsworth while their new factory outside Cambridge
is being completed
, is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of computer hard drive.
More people
are shopping
online these days, and the service standards that consumers are rising.
State verbs such as believe, know, mean, like, prefer, want, belong, own, possess, contain, depend, matter, are usually used in the present simple.

• The Church Commissioner's report indicates that the Church of England [is owning]
around 120,000 acres of rural land.
Circle the correct option.
1. Boston College LOOKS FOR/IS LOOKING FOR an international marketing manager for their overseas recruitment drive.
2. Social enterprises can be defined as those which ARE PLACING/PLACE environmental concerns alongside profit.
3. Monetary policy IS OPERATING/OPERATES by influencing the price at which money is lent.
4. Smartphones ARE ESTABLISHING/ESTABLISH themselves as the dominant mobile device amongst young costumers.
5. David Hare's plays, as Felton (2009) NOTES/IS NOTING, provide actresses with some of the strongest roles in modern drama.
6. According to Broadcasters' Audience Research Board, the average Briton WATCHES /IS WATCHING just over thirty hours of television per week.
7. Most people ARE RECOGNIZING/RECOGNIZE that a respect for the law is the fundamental basis of a civilised society.
8. When a team WORKS/IS WORKING intensively on a project, the team leader should protect them from distraction.
9. Stevens argues that consumers these days ARE PREFFERING/PREFER to do business with companies that have environmentally-friendly policies.
10. Babcock suggests that attitudes to work amongst the young people ARE CHANGING/CHANGE.

1. Describing regular activities
• 49,000 people [are entering]
the underground station at Waterloo every day, during the three-hour morning peak
Present simple
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