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No description

Noah Valenti

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Ketamine

Noah Valenti Ketamine Origin and History Physical Symptoms Overdose Withdraw Addiction Pictures How is it Used? Some ketamine users seek what is know as the "K-hole," which is an intense high, experienced when just enough Ketamine is ingested before respiratory depression or central nervous system damage occur. This dosage is 1 mg/lb of body weight.
Some of the causes of taking this dose or more are coma, permanant psychosis, damage to organs and tissue, and even death. Does not cause the same kind of addiction as many harder drugs, but the high felt is something that people often chase, making it difficult for those people to quit. People experiencing Ketamine withdraw have been reported to experience mental instability, due to the extreme psychological effect that the drug has. Ketamine can be used in a number of different ways.
It can be Swallowed, Snorted, or injected.
When Ketamine is Swallowd or injected, it is done using the liquid form, and when it's snorted, it's done using the powder form. First discovered in 1962 in the search for a replacement for PCP.
Ketamine was proven to be an effective anesthetic in 1965, the same year that it was first recreationally used.
In the mid 70's, Ketamine usage spreads around the world.
In 1995, Ketamine is put on the DEA's "Emerging Drugs List.
In 1999, Ketamine becomes a federally Illegal, schedule III drug. Chronic Ketamine use is often associated with Urinary Tract Symptoms.
Some of these symptoms include: urinary inconsistence, increased frequency of urination, decreased bladder size, pain during urination and blood during urination. Mental Effects Recent studies have found that one dose of ketamine has the ability to alleviate depression symptoms within hours, lasting fromm 7-10 days.
However, chronic Ketamine use can be a cause of depression.
Infrequent Ketamine users have not been shown to have any impairments, while chronic Ketamine users suffer severe memory impairment. Liquid Powder Slang Terms Special K,
Vitamin K,
Super K,
Ketaset, Super Acid,
Special LA Coke
Jet Health Triangle Mental
Health Physical Mental Social Strong psychological effect of the drug
Mental instability in chronic users
Severe memory loss in chronic users Urinary Tract symptoms are very common amongst chronic Ketamine users Some of the mental effects could cause impaired relationships. Work Cited "Erowid Ketamine Vault." Erowid Ketamine Vault. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Mar. 2013.
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