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Pythagoras' theorem

No description

mindover matter

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of Pythagoras' theorem

Pythagoras' theorem
Who was Pythagoras?
We could just say he is the guy with the
, or he is on Atlantis on channel 1 but we are top set maths maths so...
who was
Pythagoras was...
...an ancient Greek philosopher who founded a religious movement called the Pythagoreanism.
The man
His main interests were: Metaphysics, Music, Mathematics, Ethics and Politics.It was said that he was the
man to call himself a philosopher, or
of wisdom, and Pythagorean ideas exercised a marked influence on
, and through him, all of Western philosophy.
How does it work?
Well The
Theorem goes hand in hand with
Sin Cos

because they are both involved with right angled
. But the theory states...
When can we use the theorem?
When we are calculating the length of the longer side(the hypotenuse) of course!
He was born 570BC Samos and he died 495BC in Metapontum.
Where was he born?
This is the Pythagorean theorem.
So basically the theorem
can only be used for right
angled triangles :(

For example:3 squared +4 squared =5 squared(9+16=25)
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