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Warehouse Profiling

No description

Robin Smeets

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Warehouse Profiling

Presentation Topics
Counting Issues
SKU Analysis
Work Description
SKU Analysis
Counting Issues
Evaluation of Performance/Operations
Number of lines per order

Quantity of orders per working day

Why did the warehouse not operate on weekends?
Why did the warehouse remain closed on Monday 20/01/97?

Percentage of SKUs per zone
Number of SKUs

12% is never requested
Why store 2257 SKUs that are never requested?

Most SKUs are stored in zones A and B
Work description
"Work" = Quantity of units shipped per day

Total shipped quantity per zone
Percentage of orders per storage area
Mezzanine is the busiest storage area:
Reconsider the functionality of the mezzanine
Work description (2)
Shipped quantity per vendor

Vendors ACC/AVE most important in terms of shipped quantity
Alternative sources should be found to reduce risk
The percentage of the total order lines that show discrepancies to the total order lines that are served is 6.7%.Quite a high percentage.
The percentage of units not shipped by the warehouse is 6,8%.
Shipping discrepancies per zone
Most discrepancies occur at zones A and B (76,3%)
Redesign the replenishment program

Any Questions?

Warehouse Profiling

Alexandros Anagnostou
Stavros Michelakis
Robin Smeets

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