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Wonders of Perú

Wonders of Perú

nicolas Aguilar

on 8 August 2010

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Transcript of Wonders of Perú

Today almost all world know the 7 world wonders, but a little percentage know what are the wonders of Peru.

One of them is the Nazca lines that are in...
ICA The nazca lines are enormous figures made
in the sand that can only be seen by a
plane and they are a mystery
Other wonder of Peru is Machu-Picchu that is in... The city of
is the most
of Cuzco
the next wonder is in the border of Peru and Bolivia in the department of... puno Cuzco
The titicaca lake, is the 2nd largest lake of south america. do english
homework!!! for wednesday- thursday the Lord of Sipan tombs
marked an important
milestone (event) in
America. For the first
time found an intact
royal burial of a
pre-Inca civilization. lambayeque other one is the Sipan tombs in... cellphones my dog: 997168945 grand-ma: 4653257
Marz: 74H5189F732P52531 pizza hut: 370-1717 kentuchy: 5050505 this are only some of the
wonders of Peru I love
peru Today´s menu: huancaina potato tomorrow chaufa rice USA: 011
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