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Communication Barriers

Let's know many types of communication barriers and how to solve it! ;)

Pheseline Felim

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of Communication Barriers

Emotional Barriers
Buy and use hearing-aid for the physical disabilities person
Physical Barriers
Something that keeps or prevents meanings or messages to be delivered to the audience / listener. Talking is different with communicating something.
How To Make an Effective Communication
Clarify the ideas before communicate
Physical Disabilities Barriers
Perceptual Barriers
Cultural Barriers
Language Barriers
Gender Barriers
Interpersonal Barriers
No Feedback Barriers
Poor Choice of
Communication Channels
Systematic Barriers
Attitudinal Barriers
Find the right place to communicate so listener can listen and understand well
Know your interlocutors & be open minded person
Apreciate people’s suggestion & don't be selfish
Respect interlocutors' culture
Don't pretend that you understand all the interlocuotors' languange
Be an empathy person. Try to give solution(s) to show that we are good listener and avoid no
feedback barriers
Check the signal of your gadget/choose other media
Be professional. Don't let emotion control you.
How to Avoid
Comm. Barriers
1. Show Some Enthusiasm
2. Use Gestures for Emphasis
3. Stay Focused
4. Using power point as a crutch
5. Eliminate Filler Words
6. Keep Your Eyes On
Your Audience/Interlocutors
Examine the true purpose of each communication
Consider the total physical and human settings
Be mindful, while communicating of the overtones as well as the basic content of the message
Follow up the communication
Let's Play a Game !
Guess Me!

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